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LMIA application processing time?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fredde587, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Its for meat cutter and in edmonton
  2. I am applying for a work permit, job position cook
    However, i have a university degree in another field
    Do i include my certificates in my work permit application documents??
  3. How many time did you extend your visitor visa?
  4. Hi Youthberry
    I am already working for my employer for a while now. My LMIA is for express entry. I would say atleast 2 months from now if your job position ad hasn't been put up yet, but confirm with an immigration lawyer.

    All the best!
  5. Starting to feel stressful as my LMIA has been sent out for a month, but even no file number yet.

    Anyone knows what happen in this situation?
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    Hi, we applied LMIA on 22nd Sep, the fee got deducted on 13th Nov. Till now no update. This is for NOC D (6711). Any idea guys
  7. Hey , I'm wondering if anyone is in a similar position as myself. My company applied the 25th of May for my LMIA (2225) landscape technician, in BC . Fee has been deducted and file number received. It's been over 7 months now since this the application has been submitted and my Immigration lawyer has escelated the process three times now. My visa ended on Oct 10th , so I have not been able to work since then. Currently on holiday status.
  8. Anyone who is appling for dual intent Lmia or PR Lmia ? Please share timeline
  9. Hi, if it is for PR LMIA then it will be done within 2-3 months (the entire process). Else, normal LMIA is taking 6-7 months and depending on NOC category.
  10. I think most people here are applying dual-inten LMIA, which is a type of PR LMIA, but still most of them get long waiting.
  11. Ya i applied for that on 16 August . Received Fees deduction slip on 21 August ... Since then no update .. How is your timeline ?
  12. hi what NOC and province
  13. hi what NOC and province
  14. Can anyone please tell me how much time it takes to release the LMIA after approval?

    Since I have applied in Paper, do I will receive hard copy or only via email only ?
  15. Hi guys, I applied just regular LMIA on May, but haven't replied yet, so my immgration lawyer wants to apply dual intent LMIA.

    And is there anyone who know the differences between dual intent LMIA and PR support LMIA?
    If so, can anyone apply PR support LMIA?


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