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LMIA application processing time?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fredde587, Aug 12, 2014.

  1. Hi guys
    Do anyone has experience in if their employer do not have T4 summary and PD7A?? ??? ???

    They told me our company is paying us through a third party system. That system will report all information directly to CRA. So we don't have anything but just an annual report. ???

    OMG I'm so afraid...
  2. Our case was that the pd7a is all online now so the company had to request from CRA which took them forever to send
  3. No, u don't need Schedule C
  4. would it help to include a plan on how you becoming a PR will help canadians become trained?
  5. My agent told me that once you get a positive LMIA, it is very unlikely that your work permit will be rejected.
    Is this true? I am worried because the length of my work experience in that field is very short...
  6. Hello all, i'm probably posting this in a wrong thread but so far it has been very helpful.

    My PG work permit is expiring on the 22nd of july but my employer just got a positive OPEN LMIA for the same position as mine and i have now applied for a new work permit based on that LMIA. and i already have an express entry profile and i am eligible under CEC.
    My question is should i wait for the new work permit before i update the lmia info in my express entry profile? Or i can do it now??

    If anyone knows anything about this please help!!

  7. Hey Guys,

    My employer noticed from our lawyer that my LMIA application is under review for now and got and File Number and Service Canada also said they sent to my employer a confirmation letter to the following business address but the mail was returned because they used the old address . My employer sent a fax to Service canada to resolve this problem .
    question is whats that mail (confirmation letter) ? Is that regular?
    FYI: My application received on service canada at 20th June.
    NOC: 1122
  8. If you have eligible status in Canada then you can do it.
  9. Just be sure that Service Canada puts your name on LMIA first. In 2013 that took more than 2 months in my case, for my buddy roughly 2 weeks.
  10. Hello fellows,

    My employer has applied for LMIA a month ago, but today we found out that the ad on jobbank had lapsed on the last 22nd. The employer had already taken measures to put it back again.

    Now, could this three days off affect the LMIA result? Have you heard of a similar situation?

  11. Hello All,
    I am really new to this forum. I have been really educated by your posts. I would appreciate if anyone could kindly advise me on a concern I have. I have got two employers applying for LMIA for me simultaneously. I am in the medical field. I had waited for one of the companies for a while with no response. Now, they've both got back to me saying the LMIA application has been submitted. Anyone with similar experience? Would it affect the outcome?
    Many thanks for anticipated response.
  12. Since the LMIA has nothing to do with the employee, but the employer, you are fine. You can have the potentially unlimited number of employers applying for it. It is the assessment for the employer, to allow or refuse to hire foreign workers due to unavailability of finding domestic workers for the required position.
  13. Thanks Johnny123 for the clarification.
  14. I guess it's not going to be a problem at all as the LMIA has been APPROVED yesterday!!!! :D :D

    NOC: 2174 - Application Programmer
    Destination: Toronto - Ontario
    Application submitted: Jun, 17, 2016
    Approval : Jul, 26, 2016

    Is it possible to get an approval without the interview?
  15. Hi guys.
    I an also new to this forum and appreciate your help in advance.
    My NOC is 2142, I am working in Calgary, and There is no median wage for this NOC on job bank website. In this case, is there any other sources that I can check the min wage?
    Also my employer will apply for me.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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