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living cost in saskatchewan saskatoon

Discussion in 'Housing' started by cmortred, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. how much would be my monthly living cost in saskatchewan? including

    renting a home

    btw I will go there as a temporary foreign worker, i am planning to be with my co-workers in just one house, hoping to get share with renting.
    please help me to specify how much would be my monthly living cost per each as stated above .

    thanks :)
  2. hi mortred!

    Do you have a place already? How did you contact them in SK or after going there thats the time you will
    search for a place? Is it hard to search for a place in SK?

  3. Will work in sk because of an agency help me to find work there, im going there dis month but no idea regarding living cost issue
  4. CMortred-- from what I heard frm a friend in Regina and few others from this forum- I suppose you should get a decent to good homes for rent in the range of $550-$750 adn if you going for sharing with friends, it will reduce further. Hydro would cost you around $120/month and if youcook your own food it should cost you $250/month or less depending upon your style of food.
    Hope it helps...
  5. any update on this 4 year old thread is much appreciated !
  6. Prices have gone up.I would search housing listings on craigslist to get an idea about approx housing costs in the city you are looking at moving to.
  7. hey there,

    what would be the total expense per month for an individual to spend in the city of Saskatchewan ? In reading Canadian Dollars C$. including all the expenses
  8. There are no cities name "Saskatchewan". Saskatchewan is the name of a Canadian province. Saskatoon is a city in that province. Your question is not clear!
  9. Sorry i meant for the province of Saskatchewan
  10. Lots of variability in costs depending on what city you live in.
  11. maybe in saskatoon ?
  12. Saskatoon: $950 for rent apartment, $50 - phone, $40-70 - electricity, $30 - internet. Check walmart.ca for the food prices. $1 per liter of gasoline or $3 per on trip on transit bus
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  13. normally how much would be neefful per month ? including all the expenses
  14. You'd also need car insurance if driving a car.

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