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Link Paper Application TRV VFS From India to Online - Last Name not in Passport

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ssingh5, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I am trying to link my paper application for TRV FOR MY PARENTS from VFS India submitted in Delhi on 16th Nov 2018.
    Family name is missing in Passport.

    So When i try to select - > Family Name, Given Name and DOB Option
    - Family Name - ABC SINGH
    - GIVEN Name - ABC SINGH

    But this is not working .

    Also in my receipt I have , Tracking Number and App Ref No.
    WHat is this Application Ref No ? This not same Application Number what needed to link application as that one is 15 Character .

    But one from VFS is LIKE THIS - INIC/161119/2222/22

    @YVR123 @gst8486
  2. I am not the best person for this question. I have problem linking my application currently to my cic account...
    I am still trying it until I can get up early enough to reach the call centre and find out what's wrong with mine. I tried all possible combination already...
  3. For their TRV application forms, you should have entered their entire name in the Family Name field and left the Given Name field as blank.

    Not sure how they have been issued passports without any family name.

    It is just the VFS receipt number, not the application number which is issued by the visa office
  4. Hi @Bryanna But Given Name is required in Online Application look up search form.
    But in PDF those are not required , so the instructions from CIC was to leave them blank in PDF.

    I am not sure what to do for Online Lookup Search. Message from IRCC is to use a whitespace but that doesn’t work too !
  5. You can enter a blank space in the Given Name field. Maybe that will work.

    You most likely won't be able to link their applications as the name fields were filled incorrectly. You'll need to wait for regular paper processing updates (Read: A message when the decision is made and their passports are returned to the VAC)
  6. @Bryanna Do you know what is the approx time that i will receive first update on my email entered in the form?
    My file is showing in processed on VFS India portal with IRCC on 19 nov 2018. I applied for parents visitor visa. Since the processing time on website show 31 days, so will i recieve the first update when decision is made or when they start my application ?
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  7. It has already been processed??

    If you received visitor acknowledgement letter, then you can link application online using Application number and UCI available in acknowledgement letter.
  8. @samteshwar No its showing IN PROCESSING at IRCC on VFS website.
    But i dint receive any email since 16th Nov 2018 when i first submitted.
    How to contact them for application number ?
  9. You won't get any updates if you track on the VFS site
  10. @Bryanna @gst8486

    Hello just want to update all of you that my parents and sister visa is processed and we received the passport.
    We applied on 19 nov 2018 and got updated on 4th december 2018.
    got visa till the passport expiry.
    Thanks everyone for helping.
    If anyone needs details or need to ask any question please feel free to message me.
  11. That's fantastic. Congrats. Pretty fast too :)
  12. I have applied 12
  13. I have applied for TRV from my agent 12/10/2018 and still being processed. Please can some one help me
  14. Hi
    Could you please let us know more like Purpose, Bank Balance or other docs which you submitted and your sister is young? Married?

    I also applied for my brother?
    still Waiting?
  15. Wow that's pretty fast.congratulations.My brother and sister in law also filed their visitor visa application on Nov 6 but still in process.

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