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Letter of Invitation


Dec 2, 2014
My friend from India wants to visit me . But I am not a Canadian, I am a temporary resident, still under the process of CEC.

Can I write my friend a letter of invitation? Or it has to be a Canadian resident to write the letter?

Please Help.


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Jan 5, 2012
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I am not sure about it, but I think it must be writen for a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident.

This is an example for a student permit ,but you can customize it to your case.

Letter of lnvitation and Solemn Declaration

The Canadian Embassy
lmmigration Section
xxxxxx (address)

l, xxxx (D.O.B)and my wife xxxxxx (D.O.B. ) residing at xxxxxxx, Canada,; phone number: xxxxxxx; cell phone number: xxxxxx respectively; are both Canadian Citizens.


. We make this declaration in connection with a request for a Student Permit, for
my wife's cousin YYYxxxxxxxx(D.o.B. ), id. number, who is a Citizen of xxxx, reside at xxxxxx; cell phone number xxxxx;
. Purpose of trip: For YYYxxx is to study as a full-time student in the English
Language Program at the University of xxx - Language Centre from
March 25,2015 to December 04, 2015.
Address: xxxx, Phone number: xxxxxx, Website: xxxxx;
. YYYxxx will come to Canada around March 25,2015 to stay for approximately 9 months. At the conclusion of her English Language Program, we will make sure that YYYxxx returns safely to (xxxx Country) on or before the day specified in the temporary residency;
. We hereby undertake to provide living accommodations for YYYxxx at our residence at xxxx, Canada, and will cover the expenses of housing, food, and all other related to
these expenses incurred during YYYxx's stay in Canada, from or around March 25,2015 to or around December 04,2015;
. YYYxx's grand-father xxxxxxx, who is a Citizen of xxxxxxxx, will
be responsible to cover for all travel expenses, tuition, medical expenses,
transport, entertainment and all other related to these expenses whatsoever
incurred during YYYxxx's stay in Canada, from or around March 25,2015
to or around December 04, 2015;
. | , xxxxxx work as a Fixed Operations Manager, since September
2011 for xxxxxxx, my annual income including salary , commission
and bonuses are approximately $200,000 CAD. Address: xxxxx, Phone number: xxxx;
. My wife xxxxx is (worker or student) a 4 year student at the University of xxx, College
of Dentistry in xxxxxx(province);
. Four people are living in our household (myself, my wife, and wife's parents
xxxx and xxxxxx), all agree that YYYxxx is welcome to live with us while she is in Canada
xxxx (my wife's father) (D.O.B 0811211962) and xxxxx(my wife's mother) (D.O.B
0511711962) are Permanent Residents of Canada. My wife and I sponsored them and that sponsorship is still in effect;
. We make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and
knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.
We make this declaration in support of a proposed application for a Study Permit for
YYYxxx and for no other or improper purpose.

Please see the attached photocopies of our driver's licenses, passports, copy of my
wife's mother birth certificate (in order to proof the relationship) and a copy of wife's birth certificate.

Please contact us if you require any further information.
Your kind consideration to this request is greatly appreciated.

Yours Your wife
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx