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Letter of Explanation

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Scorpiano, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    Mine is the similar case, my PGWP got refused september 2017, as I failed to submit my graduation letter and the transcript which I submitted didnt show that I graduated.
    they have asked me to restore my status as a student and simultaneously re-file again for my PGWP.

    What should be my content of the letter of explanation?

    Please Help!
  2. Dear sir,
    I am Kishan. I got TRV refusal by april 2017 with common reasons no ties with home country, no travel history, not leave the country in time and some fund issues. I applied through counsultant and He took only education credentials and put experiance certificate by himself in some unknown firms. My counsultant misguided me badly. I knew all about by CAIPS notes..!!
    Actually I have 8 years of experiance in 3 different companies where i had been working.. Now I want to apply for PR Canada with my real experience..!!

    Now what to consider in my PR Application? How do I convience Visa Officer?
    Should I describe all this misleading past in letter of explaination ? Help Me out please.
  3. Hi
    Does the letter of explanation need to be typed and printed or can it be hand written ??
    Thank you
  4. Typed and printed please
  5. You wouldn't want to risk it to have the agent not understanding your hand writing, so even if typed wasn't a requirement, I'd say do it anyway!
  6. Hello! I need help. I have several ketter Of explanations such as:

    Landlord misspelled my name and husband’s on our rent receipts.
    My mother in law’s financial support during college

    Should the letter of explanation needs to be authenticated by a lawyer or something or a normal explanation with signature works?

    Hope you can help
  7. I created a template for my Letter of Explanation that included the following. I added a personal declaration (did not get it notarized or anything like that) just so the immigration officer knew that I was aware of the importance of being truthful (and that what I write can be used in a court or hearing or process for determining my eligibility.

    Up to you what you think should be included :)


    Full name
    Date of birth
    Mobile number
    Email address

    Case file number and or other reference number (if you have it)

    Form Number: <insert form number>
    Question: <insert question number and question wording / title>

    <provide your explanation related to the form question or field>


    I <insert your full name> declare that all of the above statements are true, complete and correct; and I make this statement knowing that it has the same effect as appearing in a court of law and / or under an oath.

    <insert signature> <insert date>

  8. Hi
    Instead of separate LOE for each section, I thought of adding a Title slide before each document.Will it be a good idea for officer's ease of review?
    please suggest
  9. #54 Nitu M, Aug 19, 2018 at 11:35 AM
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2018
    Dear Senior members, Asivad,

    My query is on NOC code as detailed below:
    In my express entry profile, I have shown 2 designation in same company with different tenure:

    Initial 2 years as a Financial Analyst (NOC filled 1112 - Financial and Investment Analyst)

    then I got promoted and,

    Latest 5 years as Senior Finance Analyst (NOC filled 1112 - Financial and Investment Analyst).

    As its been more than 5 years in this current role, I have wide profile and have done work with job duties of NOC 1311 also.

    I am looking for an advise if it will be good option to change NOC from 1112 (Financial and Investment Analyst) to NOC 1311 (Accounting and book keeping technicians) in Senior Finance Analyst role (recent 5 years), this will open my options for below:

    1) Try for New Brunswick (though I know registration for now is closed)
    2) Fill in Nova Scotia
    3) Prince Edward (has not pick in NOC 1112, may be pick in NOC 1311)
    4) Ontario might see my profile with new eyes (though they pick IT profile more).

    If below is something we can do, in my view there are few questions :
    1) Why have I changed from NOC 1112 (Class A) to NOC 1311 (Class B) profile?
    2) When I was Junior i.e. initial 2 years as a Financial Analyst , I was in Class A profile and recent 5 years as Senior Finance Analyst my profile has gone from Class A to Class B a lower role? Why?
    3) If opting NOC 1311 (Class B) (Accounting and book keeping technicians) as designation name is Senior Finance Analyst , how to explain accounting in role?

    I have discussed my case with HR in my company, and as per them, as genuinely, I am performing both NOC tasks in my role, hence the documents from my company can be arranged.

    My case was filled in August 2017, and then as Ontario has asked to upload new profile, I deleted my old profile and filled on Feb 2018. So will they have a copy of what I have already filled? will this create issue?

    In that case should I change the complete experience to NOC 1311 (Accounting and book keeping technicians) , if yes, please guide what can we give the reason?

    or I should not change NOC AT ALL?

    I am eager to discuss and get clarity on the NOC, I would request your support on this please.

    Also do we need letter of explanation please?

    Would request your revert and early response.
  10. Hello members,
    I just received my first GCMS notes which state that my employment records are showing a problem. (My profile is in 'review of eligibility' stage for more than a year after AOR)
    I was suggested by a friend that I write a LOE.
    I need guidance as to where and how can I post this letter now? Is there a link where I can do so?

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