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Landing In Montreal Quebec Permanent Residency Card & Other Items Clarifications Sought

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by vikrampai, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Hi:

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to read my post I need a clarification with regards to a few items, prior to my landing in Montreal Quebec before the end of August 2019

    I have received my Permanent Residency in Canada, via the Quebec Skilled Worker program, my wife and I currently live in Hamburg Germany.

    I intend to do my landing in Montreal Canada, in the last week of August 2019 as my permanent visa indicates I must land before September 12, 2019 and I have a few questions for which I would appreciate a clarification.

    1. As the permanent residency card is processed by the CBSA officer as part of landing, I assume they will need me to provide them with a mailing address, so would you have any idea if they would accept a PO Box address as a mailing address or is there any possibility that I can collect my permanent residency card in person at any office.

    2. In order to apply for my Social Insurance Number at a Service Canada office, do I need to have permanent residency card before I apply for my social insurance number? Additionally would you have any idea, as to how long does it take for the social insurance number to be issued by the Service Canada office in Montreal Quebec?

    3. As I intend to stay in Montreal Quebec only for 2 months as part of my innitial landing would it be advisable to apply for travel health insurance to cover my stay in Canada?

    4. I intend to stay in Montreal for at most 2 months and then return to Hamburg, Germany. In terms of living in Canada I plan to rent an apartment via Airbnb, are there any other good options that our available to newly arrived migrants to rent apartments for a 2 month time period.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

    Best Regards
  2. You need to provide a residential mailing address, NOT a rented PO Box. I am not sure about collecting from a CIC office (but I doubt it). They will tell you that this is fine and that you have 180 days to contact them and provide a residential mailing address.

    No you do NOT need a PR Card. You will need your CoPR and passport. Go to a Services Canada office same or next day (or any time after that) and ask for a SIN. They will issue one there and then.

    As you only intend to stay for 2 months, you would certainly NOT be covered by QC medical insurance, which has a 3 month wait anyway. You should arrange long term travel insurance before you leave in Germany.

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  3. Would also point out that you won’t meet the residency requirement to qualify for health insurance so that is also another reason not to apply. There are separate residency requirements for healthcare so you may not qualify for healthcare even if you have a valid card. I’d encourage you to read the provincial healthcare website.

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