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Landing in Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mkamran, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I have got my immigration process completed and would be landing in Canada this June. I would appreciate if anyone could answer my enquiries below:

    1. If I mention goods in "Goods to Follow" list and later on I may not bring some of those, would it affect in any manner? For e.g. I may put in to bring my car and later on I change my mind and don't bring it along rather sell it out. What would be the implication?

    2. How long does it take to receive PR Card and SIN? as I plan to return to my country for making my final arrangements

    3. Can I receive my PR card and SIN personally rather than being mailed to an address, as I don't have any address to mention at present?

    Awaiting your response.

  2. Hi

  3. Thanks PMM for your information. This certainly will help me in planning my trip.

  4. Do we need to send the list of goods to follow to the border before landing or can we bring with us at the same time when we landing?
    Thank you for any advices.
  5. Hi

    You carry it with you.

  6. Goods to Follow List


    Can anyone tell, for how long "Goods to follow" is valid? e.g. a year, two? or there is no time limit to ship the goods?
  7. Re: Goods to Follow List


    Forever, but CBSA starts getting suspicious after about a year, and will start to check the shipment fairly carefully, especially if there is jewellry, electronics which appear fairly new and unused.


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