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Landing experience Thousand Island bridge

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Lanes1, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. I sent message in other posts, lets see
  2. Pls let
    Pls, let me know if you are interested. He does not need a work permit to come. He has a Canadian Passport.
  3. Yes, i have sent message
  4. Okay. Pls keep me posted.
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  5. I am interested to go for landing in 1000 islands, is carpool option available
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  6. Hello!! Are there any restrictions in terms of days - time of the day that we can flagpole in Thousand Islands?... can it be done on a Saturday?. I just spent a full day in Niagara trying to do it and they refuse to do so 4 times in two different bridges. Any help/advice would be really appreciated
  7. What day of the week and time did you go? - am wondering if doing it on Saturday would be okay...
  8. I was thinking of going tomorrow morning, i dont want to risk on saturday, going so far 3 hour drive and you find traffic there
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  9. Right. I can only do weekends now after spending my 1day off work on it
  10. Hi I had a question.. My TRV expired a few months back.. I am from India , inland CEC applicant. Do I need a TRV for flagpolling? IRCC already stamped a visa on my passport as a single entry..Would that suffice?
  11. Another question is can we flagpole to thousand islands on foot?
  12. Yesterday i did my landing at thousand island bridge. Around 4:30AM i left from toronto and reached bridge around 7:45 AM. I was alone at both border offices. In canada border officer took just 5 minutes to hand over my landing documents signed and congratulate me on my Permanent residency. The journey is long but its worth going there. Officers are also very relaxed and cool headed.
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  13. This forum has helped me so much, I wanted to contribute too by sharing my experience.

    I have successfully landed at the Thousand Islands Bridge on Monday, sometime around 6 PM. I was driving and there was just a little bit of traffic, I had to wait maybe around 7 minutes to get the flagpole paper from the US border officer. I drove back to Canada, told the officer I need to finish my landing, he showed me where to park the car and where to enter the office building. The process took another 15 minutes if not less. Very pleasant officer, no extra questions asked. Only asked me to confirm my mailing address by showing my ID, whether I have committed any recent crimes and whether I had any babies recently (dependents). He signed my CoPR, explained how soon I'll receive the card, how many days I need to remain in the country to keep my status, where to renew my SIN, and so on.

    Before this I tried my luck twice at two different bridges in Niagara region. Went there super early and followed all the recommendations found on this forum, no luck! They accepted 10 people only and refused everybody else. Some people were on their 4th attempt and still did not get their documents processed. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, DON'T GO TO NIAGARA!!!
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