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Landing Experience - 17th Jan 2019 - Flagpoling - Lewiston Bridge - Took just 20 mins to become a PR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myra20sharma, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. oh man what a waste!

    Returning home empty handed. The 4th of July fucked me up bigtime. There were too many people from USA crossing over to this side. What a waste of a day! Now, i'll apply online.
  2. :rolleyes:See my experience in page 9 #122, almost the same shitt
  3. Question:
    I have a us visa. If I just wander off across the border for 2-3 hours (t buffalo) and come back, then Canada has to consider that a landing, right? Is there anything wrong with trying this tactic?

    I'm looking to "land" asap and waiting 6 weeks is an option I don't want to exercise!
  4. Attempt no. 2 was made today. Another fail.
    They literally misguide people. I have a us visa and they said that when if I go all the way to the other side and come back, they will no do the landing for me.
    Then I asked what if I go to NY for a few days and come back? Will you do it then? Nope. Same answer.

    I'm heading over to the other/peace bridge now.
    Otherwise, it seems you have to get lucky to land, or get in line at 3am. They told me that they only do a few of these in a day.
    PS: everyone's bloody rude over there so go in with a can I mind and try your best.
  5. Anyone know if they refuse to process the COPR (due to a high volume of people), I can re-enter Canada with my work permit/eTA, by foot?
  6. Hi!

    I tried Lewiston-Queenston today around 10am with my family and turned down to comeback at 2pm.

    I waited at Starbucks and came back and 2pm but they turned down again saying that today quota has been full.

    Now we are thinking to go to Sarina or thousand island. The officers are so rude and it gets so difficult to travel with baby. Though we are very happy after receiving COPR but now has to try another port of entry.
  7. Hi!

    I went Sarina port of entry today around 1:00pm. My wife has US visa but me and son don’t have the US visa. We flagpole at the border. The staff is super friendly. He treated us very well.

    Then we go to Canada border agency it took around 20 mins and everything was done. The lady is super super helpful. I recommend this is the most easiest border to flagpole rather than going to Niagara which has long queues and quota. Also, staff is super friendly at Sarina Border.
  8. Hello, i got ppr and sent my passport to them. I was thinking of going to sarnia for my landing. Is there some specific days that we should go in or we can go on saturdays? Is there a recommended time?
  9. You can go to anytime. They are open 24hours. We reached there around 3 pm on Saturday.
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  10. Could you please describe the process in more detail. What bridge did you use? Days, times which are more convenient for the process? I'm going to do landing in Sarnia too
    Thank you in advance
  11. We do the landing on August 3, 2019. The port of entry is open 24 hrs, 365 days. It’s a blue water bridge.

    Once you reached the bridge, after paying the toll you will go straight to the bridge. It will take you to the US border immigration check point. We told that we are here for flag poling. They will ask you to park the car and go inside the office. If you have US visa that is good. If not, then officers might take a small interview around 20 mins. They will check/ scan your car. All the belongings must be left in the car including cell phones. After interview, they will handover the flagpole paper and return your car keys. Then, we go straight to Canadian border office. They asked us the reason to come so far rather than booking an appointment. We told them that Niagara is almost full and our PR visa has a month validity. The appointment scheduling could take almost 2-3 weeks.

    The officer took our passports and COPR and asked us to wait. Though, we took our Work Permits, employment letter and Proof of funds. But, they didn’t ask anything.( Just on a safe side we took all the documents) . The officer completed everything in just 15 mins and then returned our copy of COPR. We are all set to go.

    We went to Service Canada on August 6, 2019 for our new Sin number, then service Ontario to update the info on our health cards.

    Finally, everything is done! Though, it’s a bit of drive but it’s worth it.

    Congratulations to all who received their PR and wishes for the ones who are still waiting. I know the wait time is full of stress and anxiety but have patience.

    Good luck!
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  12. Thank you for your quick and full responce
  13. Any idea after how many days they send the Pr card ???
  14. Initial card is super fast, only 12 days:)
  15. But they said it will take 2 months

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