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Landing Experience - 17th Jan 2019 - Flagpoling - Lewiston Bridge - Took just 20 mins to become a PR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by myra20sharma, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. oh man what a waste!

    Returning home empty handed. The 4th of July fucked me up bigtime. There were too many people from USA crossing over to this side. What a waste of a day! Now, i'll apply online.
  2. :rolleyes:See my experience in page 9 #122, almost the same shitt
  3. Question:
    I have a us visa. If I just wander off across the border for 2-3 hours (t buffalo) and come back, then Canada has to consider that a landing, right? Is there anything wrong with trying this tactic?

    I'm looking to "land" asap and waiting 6 weeks is an option I don't want to exercise!
  4. Attempt no. 2 was made today. Another fail.
    They literally misguide people. I have a us visa and they said that when if I go all the way to the other side and come back, they will no do the landing for me.
    Then I asked what if I go to NY for a few days and come back? Will you do it then? Nope. Same answer.

    I'm heading over to the other/peace bridge now.
    Otherwise, it seems you have to get lucky to land, or get in line at 3am. They told me that they only do a few of these in a day.
    PS: everyone's bloody rude over there so go in with a can I mind and try your best.

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