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KPU jan intake 2019

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Tanureet Singh, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Please share information about how much fees you deposited for Global Business Management and
    How many courses/ credits took!!!!
    How much is total fees of one year in this diploma
  2. I applied for Operations and supply chain management diploma and paid 1500 CAD initially. Total fee of 2 years is 23000 CAD round about. And I have 11 courses in total.
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  3. Only 2left for my offer letter expiration
    But my consultant is still not sure about my total one year fees

    23000 dollars for 2years? Means 13000 or so ? Can you please help me to make out about my fees for graduate diploma in global business management? May I know ur email
  4. You have applied for graduate diploma? Actually I'm talking about post Baccalaureate diploma so I'm not sure about your fee.. Haven't you got offer letter? All the information regarding fee is written in offer letter so please go through it.
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  5. Mine is graduate diploma
    I it's one year
    But there are 11 courses they say 36 credits...(21for core courses theory and 15 practical)
  6. Ohhh okay your course is different actually. By the way it's easy to understand if you have student ID go to your student portal. Moreover, in offer letter everything is clearly mentioned that how much and how to pay fee.
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  7. My consultant didn't gave me my student id n password

    In offer letter it's nt written in simple way they have overall generalised how much for taking 9 or 12 or 15 credits per semester
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    can u please read it if could make out what does this mean...I cn mail u my email is

  9. Okay I'm gonna send you text by mail send me your offer letter there.
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  10. Thnku I'm waiting
  11. Check out your email.
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  12. Did anyone apply for visa yet?
    Can someone help me with the complete process I am a Sept 2019 intake at KPU
    Have applied for visa, got biometrics request, however dont know what to expect next?
    I haven't done the medicals yet, do i need to do it upfront or wait for the letter???
  13. When u got LOA from kpu ?
    Could u please share your timeline ?
    I have also applied for sep 19 .
  14. Hi Bhagya,

    My timelines are in my signature. Got the LOA on Jan 25th, 2019

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