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June Paper file Updates for TRV , INDIA

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Ranvir kang, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Hey friends, i have applied Paper application for TRV on 11th June at Chandigarh office, file is still under process at New Delhi. What’s your current Status for your files ???
  2. Taking longer times than usual applied in June too...28 days processing time
  3. When you have applied ???
  4. Connect your application with online account. You will receive the updates. I have applied on 14th June at Delhi Visa office. But no update
  5. HI ranvir ...could you share matter or details required to mention in cover letter. I do not have any idea about it and seeking help from forum members.
    thanks and good wishes
  7. Applied supervisa on june 15th, nothing heard so far.
    Fingers crossed.
  8. Paper application Visitor - June 1st
    VFS - Bangalore
    No update yet .
  9. Yes sure
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  10. 11th June 2018


    The Canadian High Commission


    Subject: Submission of Temporary Resident Visa Application

    Dear Officer

    My name is ******* Singh S/O S.*****Singh R/O H.No. *******, ******Punjab, India holding Indian Passport R****** applying for a Temporary Resident visa along with my son R****Singh holding Indian Passport R****We both are going to attend the birthday celebration of my grandchildren A**** Singh and G***** Kaur , and also to enjoy the scenic beauty of Canada.

    I would like to enlighten the scenario that I had previously applied for Temporary Resident Visa before in 2017 to see the birth of my granddaughter (G***** Kaur ), along with my spouse S***** Kaur, but unfortunately my visa application got denied on 16th June 2017 on the grounds that I did not provide sufficient documentations regarding relationship proof; Marriage Certificate.

    After getting previous application refused, I had also applied for CAIPS Notes to know the exact reasons, which also stated that the financial documents were not satisfactorily attached;we have corrected this issue by attaching all required financial documents to support our Temporary Resident Visa application. (PFA- Net worth Report, Valuation Reports of our Real Estate and Agriculture, Rental deeds, J-Forms for Agriculture income, and recent Income Tax Returns)

    In my current application, my son, K**** Singh has sent an invitation to attend the birthday celebration of his two children (G***** Kaur and A**** Singh ); event arranged on 8th July 2018 @ Hill view Conventional centre, (PFA- Invitation Cards, financial documents, employment information, notice of assessments, and identification documents).

    My son, K****** Singh is a well-educated professional, who has put a lot of efforts to maintain good and reputable standard of living. Since he is in Canada, he always talksabout his life style, and want to give us a chance to experience it for this occasion. I haven’t seen my granddaughter (G*** Kaur) since her birth, and she is turning one. It would be pleasure for me if you would sanction our Temporary Resident Visa application to come see my new generation. K**** Singh was planning to organise this event from long time since he bought his own house in 2015 and to celebrate his children’s birthday along with his beloved parents as well as his siblings.

    I would like to assure you that we both will come back to join our family in India after spending some great time with my son’s (K*** Singh) family and the scenic beauty of Canada. We have strong ties here in India as we have our family back (my Wife S**** Kaur, R*** singh”s wife M**** Kaur and their son G**** Singh ) as well as rest of the family, relatives and friends in India. Also, we have our agriculture business at huge level as well as Rental property and R***** Singh commercial business - Women’s Clothing Showroom. (PFA- J Forms for Agriculture Income, Rental deeds and documentary evidences of commercial business)

    Please feel free to contact me at my cell phone 091********, if any further information is required.

    I shall be highly grateful to you.

    Thanking you,

    J**** Singh
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  11. Taking too long i guess, hope you get your visa sanctioned soon, my best wishes with you
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  12. Hope you will get a positive result soon !!
  13. I have tried to connect but i dont know how to fill all the details , as i have to mention my financial credits in it and i dont know the exact amount, little confuse, will visit my agent tomorrow regarding this
  14. Sincerely Thanks sir....... Great help from great and kind people.......Again regards and thanks sir...
  15. You are welcome brother !!

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