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June Non-SDS online Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by altair1995, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. has delhi immigration approved any non sds visas for those who applied in june?
  2. No clue. I’m simply relieved that it is at least being processed after a month of no updates.
  3. When did u apply? Also, did u get the decision right after getting the correspondence letter?
  4. Hello you will get your result 1 day after receiving correspondence letter.can you pls tell me when I can expect medical result and correspondence letter bcz I have applied 14 June non sds online 18 June biometric done after that not any kind of update even not medical passed yet..best of luck hope you will get visa soon !!!!
  5. If they follow the exact same timeline as in my case, you should expect to get the correspondence next week. Good luck.
  6. Thanks man!!!
  7. I applied in non sds offline in chandigarh on 19th June 2019. From that date ,they show me your file is under process at ircc office delhi.
  8. Received “Original Passport Request” today.

    So this makes my timeline as follows -
    8th June - Application Submitted
    13th June - Biometrics Submitted
    9th July - Medical Passed and Correspondence Letter
    10th July - Original Passport Request

    Good luck.
  9. Congrats. Non-sds? Also is it from Delhi office?
  10. Also, which university dude? Tat also matters.
  11. Which time you got an update and from where you re ieved a letter
  12. Congratulations bro!!!!! Can you pls tell me your profile?
  13. What is biometric correspondence letter and do we get it in email or cic account?
  14. A biometric correspondence letter simply states the validity of your biometrics. Usually, after the correspondence letter is sent, within a day or two, the original passport request letter is sent.
    You get all communications in your CIC account. On your email, you'll only get an alert that states there is an update in your CIC account.
  15. Have you got your visa ?

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