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June Non-SDS online Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by altair1995, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Hi, creating this thread as there’s a thread for SDS only applicants but not for non-SDS. We can share our updates here.

    For me -
    Online Application Submitted - 8th June
    Biometrics - 13th June

    No other updates so far. Not even an acknowledgement letter that some applicants get on the 14th day after application submission.
  2. How do we create an account to submit online, as I live in DRC where those bank mentioned on the CIC website doesn't exist. Can I do it with my visa card?
  3. Hi,
    I also applied through non-sds. Here is my timeline.

    Applied - June 6
    Biometrics m submission - June 11
    Student acknowledgement letter - June 20
    After this, no reply.

    Please those who got visa/yet to get visa (non-sds), share ur timeline so tat it will be more helpful for others. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can you advice what this Student acknowledgement letter ??
  5. Hi,
    I also applied through non-sds. Here is my timeline.

    Applied- 14 June
    Biometrics given - 18 June
    student acknowledgement letter- 28 June

    after this, not any kind of update even waiting for medical result.
    pls anyone who got visa in June & waiting for decision share your timeline. Thanks
  6. Hi all , any one got a reply >??
  7. Yes, Mostly everyone applied between 1-11th June and mostly people who did biometric on 11 june got visa yesterday.
  8. For me not yet : applied online from dubai,
    My timeline as below
    On 18th May submit online
    20th biometric done and updated online
    Since then showing processing your application ! And not receiving any thing after that! What you think ?
  9. Submitted from India

    Online application submitted - June 12th
    Biometric letter received - June 13th
    Biometrics submitted - June 17th
    Biometrics updated online - June 17th
    Medical test - June 21st
    Medical results updated online - June 24th
    Student Acknowledgment letter - June 26th

    P.S.:- I had scheduled my medical exam in parallel as i submitted the application. So thats why i didnt get any letter for medical exam.

    I havent heard back from them since then. Eligibilty check and background check are in progress as of now.
  10. What is the student acknowledgment letter ? Can you advice
  11. Its just an acknowledgement letter mentioning they have received your application and are processing it. I am guessing it a formality mail that is sent to everyone at some point in their application. Nothing to worry about.
  12. Thank you for the information , wish you good luck
  13. No probs!
  14. yaa,it's only for india!!!

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