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****JUNE 2018 INLAND Application****

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcsr, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. What's your time line buddy?
  2. AOR: June 27, 2018
    OWP: October 06, 2018
    SA: Feb 14, 2019
    April 02, 2019: Medical Request
    June 17, 2019: Additional documents Request including RCMP....I also had to clarify a mistake I made with a date on my app and paid for my PR card
    July 05, 2019: cic called to ask if I had sent off the documents
    July 08, 2019: AIP
    July 09 2019 AM: Pre Arrival Services Letter
    July 09 2019 PM: Landing Interview
  3. Congratulations .
    I am still waiting AIP still processing background and eligibility
    June 6 2018 applicant is 13 months alreday crazy man
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  4. My file is in Etobicoke since march 2019.
    So slow this local office
  5. I'm sure you will get some positive news soon. I know how you feel and I completely understand. I'm praying for everyone else in this group.
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  6. When did your background check start?
  7. " We are pleased to inform you that you meet all preliminary eligibility requirements of the
    category and therefore your application for permanent residence is approved. However, a
    final decision will not be made until all remaining requirements for becoming a permanent
    resident have been met. You cannot become a permanent resident until you and all your
    family members have met all the requirements."

    Is That the AIP ?
    my CIC profile shows still processing background and eligibility.
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  8. Yes this is aip. Next step landing interview date. I got mine the next day. You're almost there
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  9. Thank you Cindi
    I hope so
    what is the waiting time for an interview?
  10. Mine is in the next two weeks
  11. Background check start since FEB 2019.
    How About you?
  12. Mine has not yet started (Aug 2018 app) I don't know what they're doing
  13. Same here file is in Etobicoke since may
    Keep in touch
  14. We contacted the MP last week. Went there on monday to sign documents and they informed us that they would be checking in with their Ottawa contacts. We should get an update (hopefully) from the MP's office by Friday.
  15. UPDATE. Just received word from the MP office. MP basically repeated the exact same information that could be found on our CIC account with no new updates at all. The only thing they said was "new information should be available next month".
    NEXT MONTH?! is that a joke? its only July 10th, we will be 2 months over the 12 month mark by then. :(.
    From our experience, contacting the MP wasn't particularly helpful unfortunately.

    My husband had hopes of having his PR before the fall to enroll in school for September...seems like a pipe dream now.

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