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June 2018 AOR - join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by andy108, May 31, 2018.

  1. Not really, but it's always nice to connect people. I did notice that several friends here want to hook you up with someone. If we can help, why not ;).
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  2. Thanks @Nishika22.

    Everyone who is awaiting Security to begin since October, please raise CSE tomorrow with the content shared on the below link. It might help.


    Thank you.
  3. From the list compiled by @macaly7, below are those waiting for Security to begin.

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  4. I wonder if agents sometimes drop by this forum and Immitracker :D
  5. Considering the insane pressure they go through I think no.
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  6. Guys,
    Need a suggestion. As said earlier, me and my 4 months pregnant wife have planned to travel to Toronto by end of this month. But yesterday, when we Consulted our doctor, she suggested us not to travel. So we are in a confused state now.
    My expiry date of COPR is June and our due date for baby is also June. Can someone suggest me what I suppose to do now to add new dependent and extend our travel date, in case if we are not traveling now.
    Also want to know whether our eligibility will be reassessed in case we add our dependent in our application by June. Why I am asking because, we have shown our LMIA to avail 50 points which is also expiring on June. If our eligibility is getting reassessed, then I will be losing that 50 points which in turn I will lose my PR.
    Any suggestions other than extending my LMIA, as my company said they can't extend it..
  7. I m also in same situation but yet to recieve my ppr aor 19 june
  8. I'll try to answer this with my best guess of how it will go (But may be someone who has experience with this can correct me if I'm wrong)

    You need to inform IRCC for change in family composition and wait for their reply. I think most likely they will tell you to wait till baby is born and then they will issue new COPR for the whole family which likely means you will need to wait for baby to be born, get medicals and passport for baby and provide those documents to IRCC.

    My best guess is they will not review your eligibility again and it is possible they may want you to have more funds in accordance with a family of 3 (my guess and could be wrong)

    There is thread where people added baby after PPR (but they had no COPR issued but my guess is process should be similar ) May be read through this and you can find someone with similar situation. All the best!

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  9. I have emailed on the 9th Jan but haven't yet received a reply, maybe we should get this week. Kindly let me know when you receive one.
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  10. Hi Geet,
    Yes I ordered GCMS notes and when I found out my eligibility was Met and the only thing left was the RPRF request (the case analyst write I'm his comments, "set to request" or something along that line). The nites were generated on the 26th of August so I figured I'll get the request in no time, but weeks after I received the notes I still hadn't gotten the request (mind you I was in IP1 at the time, criminality had not started )
    So I waited for 3 months exactly after my AOR and paid upfront, sent the receipts via a CSE and in 3 weeks my criminality was passed and I was in IP2.
    I have a feeling if I hadn't paid upfront, I still might not have gotten the request and I'll still be waiting to see my criminality passed (IP2), talk more of security checks.
    I'll suggest that you find out the status of your eligibility and if it's Met, please go ahead and pay upfront. But if your eligibility isn't Met, paying the RPRF won't help because your eligibility still needs to be out of RR before criminality is passed.
  11. So we're back on speaking terms now?? :rolleyes:
  12. Hi Arun,
    Is it a health complication that makes travel impossible for your pregnant wife?
    If it's that can your doctor advise if she'll be able to travel in a few weeks? That way she can still travel before your visa expires and birth the baby in Canada.
    But if it's a general suggestion that she not travel just because she's pregnant then Maybe you need a second opinion because pregnant women fly all the time.
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  13. @tobs did you get back your passport? When does the online status change? My passport is now at the IRCC office for processing according to the online status.
  14. She suggested her to be in India till delivery and asked her to travel post the delivery. She had undergone IVF treatment for pregnancy. But not sure whether doctor advised not to travel just because of the word IVF..!!

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