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July 2020, Inland Spousal PR Applications


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Mar 4, 2020
Just received AOR2
Application received on July 3rd, 2020.
Nice, Congratz!
How did you receive it? email? snail mail? Were you able to link online?
I was predicting later this month we july will get AOR2 seeing that most june people was around same time last month.


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Oct 24, 2015
Hello, it was an email. I am trying to log in to cic webpage, but it seems to be down. I will try again tomorrow.


Sep 25, 2020
Just received AOR2.
Application received on July 6th, 2020.
Able to link it to online account as well.
Still waiting for OWP tho...
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Nov 14, 2019
I'm from the August 2020 Inland cohort. I've been looking at the spreadsheet to predict when August applicants can expect formal AOR to come through.

I noticed that some of you guys who recently received AOR are not on the spreadsheet. Reading your posts, I am happy to see more people in July get their AOR. I think the process for those who received AOR should be fairly straightforward from here onwards . Good luck everyone!


Apr 25, 2019
Hello Everyone,
I am here in Canada as a tourist. My husband is a PR. I am going to apply Spousal PR/sponsorship(inland). But I am stuck at the PCC part in the process. I would appreciate this groups help here please:

For applying for PR, i first need to get Police clearance certificate form India. As we are based out of Alberta my CGI is Vancouver ( basis the BLS website). I have three concerns here.
a) My permanent address as mentioned on the passport and my current address in India are different as my parents recently shifted to anther house. I don't have any address proof of that place. How should i go about this? Would there be a problem?
b) The other concern is that CGI Vancouver states that- Those on tourist visa can't apply for PCC. The proof of status in Canada should be wither work permit or study permit. I don't have either.
c) They need proof of address in Canada. Since i have just come here and am on Tourist visa right now, i don't have any proof of address. I went to get added in my husband's bank account thinking that may help, but the bank says they can't do it as I am tourist visa. So how can I have an address proof here? Please advise.

After I get the PCC sorted, I will get into filling the application form and applying for Open Work Permit simultaneously. I will seek the groups expertise at that time. Looking forward to responses. Thanks a lot