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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Hello!

    Application sent: July 3
    Application received: July 4

    Good luck everyone!
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  2. hiii i am from canada and apply for my husband . i send my file on 29 june and it was recieved on 4 july . i check one of the form is updated to 7 2019 and i send one with 6 2019 . thers was no change untill i send mu file.should i worried about that .
  3. Package received: July 9

    Sponsor: Canadian Citizen by birth (Quebec)
    Principal Applicant: Finnish / Russian

    We have a baby who's already Canadian.

    Now we wait...
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  4. Application sent: July 5
    Application received: July 8

    Good luck everyone!
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  5. No u don’t have to be worried as there is a grace period of a month for the older forms,I sent the 6-2019 form too.
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  6. Hi all

    Application sent July 5th
    Application received July 10th

    Good luck to us all!
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  7. Hi All

    Application received: July 2nd
    Sponsor: Canadian PR
    Principle Applicant: Indian

    Good Luck everyone
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  8. Hey guys !
    Sponsoring my Chinese wife. We have a little Chinese/Canadian bb together and hope to be back in Canada asap.

    Application Received July 5

    Am I the only one constantly thinking of thinking I coulda done better or checked one more time ?

    Good luck peeps !
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  9. I feel the same way, everyday.
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  10. Hi,
    Being sponsored by my Canadian husband. I am an Australian and we live in Malaysia. Our son received his Canadian citizenship 2 years ago.
    Application sent DHL 6th July. Received 10th July.
    Good luck everybody.
  11. Glad to hear this as we also sent the old form :(
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  12. Updated checklist saying Check R for each applicable item :( anyone else seen this?
  13. I felt like that pretty much every day until we got AOR! It's like you can't help go over every detail and panic that you forgot something, or could have just added one more document... But I just kept trying to tell myself that even if they sent the application back, it wasn't the end of the world. And I was worrying for nothing anyway. I'm sure you will be fine!

    Good luck, July applicants!!
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  14. We’ll be fine
  15. Finally after so many rechecks and rechecks, and still thinking I have missed something
    sent spousal application (outland)
    Sponsor: Canadian Citizen
    PA: Indian Citizen
    Application sent: July 18, 2019
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