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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JoshC, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Josh, Thanks for kicking off this thread.

    Our application is on its way! Now the wait begins...

    Sponsor (Me): US & Canadian dual citizen living in Los Angeles
    PA (Wife): US citizen
    No dependents
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  2. Hello just new here, sent our outland to sydney ns from manila, dhl said it was signed for delivery june 28, how long could it take for acknowledge email they recieved our app? Then how long can expect medical exam, biometrics (we paid for the biometrics already) and then final process for pr? If you could inform we would much appreciate any timeframes. We had a baby boy 2 months ago and I applied for Canada citizenship in embassy in manila. They informed me that process should take 8-9 months. Im hoping we can all go to Canada around same time I am born Canadian and sponsoring my common law we have been living together solid in Philippines for approx 20 months.Thanks in advance any help on timeframe etc
  3. Have a look in the Google Spreadsheet (first post of this thread, first link). There's a bunch of interesting statistics under "Outland Summary" where you can see how delays evolved in the past months/days for previous applicants
  4. Hi all please I need some advice on what to do
    I’m the principal applicant living outside Canada we have our application completed and good to go,my wife has sent off our application today 5th of July ,out of curiosity I went on the cic website to check and I found out the generic application form which was updated from 2-2019 to 6-2019 has also been updated to 7-2019 and I went through The form there’s no change in questions or whatsoever and this particular form recent update came in 6-2019 and then boom another came 7-2019 My concern now is will our application be returned is there a grace period in accepting outdated forms?, we all know the stress of getting this documents ready and having to send to to our spouse in Canada.please any advice on what to do and if there’s need to worry ? Thanks
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  5. I will be mailing my application today.
  6. Hi!!! We just sent ours in today too, I would not worry. They literally JUST updated it today (I checked and double checked yesterday and it was still the 6-2019 forms) , and you sent your application in today so they'll probably see that. Besides, I saw someone else say that if the update was like within a month or two, like it's not as big of a deal as if you had submitted a form from say 2017 (if that makes sense). I would not worry :)
  7. Hey y'all! JUST sent in our application today.

    Sponsor: My husband, Canadian citizen by birth (Oshawa, Ontario)
    Principal Applicant: Me, American citizen by birth (Lilburn, Georgia)
    No dependents

    We are newly weds :)
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  8. Hi, thank you so much for responding i feel reliefed as I’ve gotten the same replies just as u stated ..now we play the waiting game..good luck in your application.
  9. Oh btw, I just checked to see what they changed, and they literally just added more gender options under the "sex" category. So unless you identify as something other than male or female (like transgender, non binary, androgynous, etc) then you definitely don't have to worry. Glad I could help. Good luck :)
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  10. Just sent in my application too,

    Sponsor: Canadian Citizen(Ontario)
    Principal Applicant: Indian

    Now the waiting game begins...
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  11. There is usually a grace period given and ur right, the change was very minor but always best to have the most up to date forms. What are the dates on the forms u sent?
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  12. Take a look at April and May group to get ideas of times and also the spreadsheet. Things are not always consistent and not everyones applications is treated the same. Good Luck!
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  13. I sent the 6-2019.
  14. Hello, our application was received on July 4th, and now we're waiting and hoping for a fast AOR.
    My husband is sponsoring me ( canadian PR)
    PA Tunisian lives in Oman
    No dependants
    All the best for all. ❤️

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