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July 2013 Applicants Join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by dannymp, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Hi folks

    Is there anyone who is planning to submit their application in July??? Join here to share your experiences
  2. i am planing to submit mine by second week, only delay has been getting my criminal check from back home ,
  3. Same here....
    I belive you are trying to get from India... ????
  4. neighbors, from sri lanka, unnecessary delays just for this
  5. I am from Mexico, sent my application on June 26th it was received on the 28th, but I guess because of the long weekend (Happy Canada Day! BDW.)I will consider myself a July applicant. Mexicans as to date will send the application without the police certificates, the visa officer will ask for it later on and you can get them trough mexican consular services with your immigration file number according to CIC webpage.
    good luck everyone here!
  6. welcome to the forum and good luck.....

  7. Hey guys :)
    I'll be sending my application tomorrow.. and the waiting will begin
  8. Sent my application on 26th of June. It was received today on 2nd July.
    The Visa officer's strike and the sumnmer holidays might delay our AOR's considerably
  9. good Luck

  10. Hi Danny,
    My application was received on July 2nd. So here's hoping for the best for everyone!

  11. Hi Montreal,
    We have sent in our applications in almost the same time frame, mine was also received on July 2nd!

    Good luck
  12. I am ready to submit my application by I am stuck with a mistake in my police certificate :( ... see details below any advice will be apperciated

    I need your help & advice, I have obtained my police clearance from my country & it was extremely hard, I just noticed that they did a mistake in my certificate with regards to my age (not my birthday), they calculate my age wrong it was off by 3 years. All other information is accurate expect for my age, what should I do? I don't have the option to obtain a second copy, should I write a letter to point out the mistake & attach to my application or should I submit my application without an explanation letter?
  13. write a letter explaining this and send the wrong one. As it is explained in the guide, they can and will ask for a police certificate a later time, as usually a significant amount of time has passed between the issue of the certificate and the date were the officer is looking at it (this happens later in the process). They encourage to submit your certificate but it is not a strong requirement at an early stage.

    As someone told me in this forums, be ready to being asked for your police certificate. You usually have less than 60 days to submit new ones. So start talking with your embassy now and find the best action plan/s to follow once they ask you for them.

    The other thing you can do is, that once you receive the acknowledge of the reception of your papers, they will send you some info and your file number, then you can start thinking about submitting the police certificates (you will be asked anyways), if you get them before someone asks for it, you will have a file number were to send them.
  14. Submitting my application for CEC in July

    Hello Friends,

    I am finally submitting my application under CEC class, getting my documents all together.
    Will keep you all updated.

    Fingers crossed
  15. Hi All,
    I sent my application on 29-06-2013.It is still in transit and will reach CIO this week.

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