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Jobs in the Environmental Sector in Canada

Discussion in 'Finding Work in Canada' started by dck307, Mar 13, 2019 at 7:13 PM.

  1. Hello all,

    I need your help in deciding on which city to land and settle:

    I'm in the field of Environmental Management and will like to know locations where my field is highly sought. Areas such as waste management jobs, environmental management jobs.

    Between Calgary and Ottawa, which boost of opportunities in the environmental field?
  2. Environment is a huge field you have to be a bit more precise about your field of study, qualifications and previous experience. A bit of information not your whole resume would help. Waste management wouldn't really be considered Environment jobs in Canada.
  3. I have experience in environmental impact assessment, analysis of polluted soil samples, waste recycling...just givin a summary. Also i dont speak french..just english.
  4. Many of the jobs would fall under government jobs. Getting jobs in Ottawa will often require you do be somewhat bilingual. Wouldn't recommend Calgary at the moment unless you already have a job.
  5. How about enrolling for some short courses and possibly getting a job in a private workplace? Also why are you not recommending Calgary? Where will you most likely recommend?
  6. With current oil prices there is not a ton of jobs available especially in your field of interest. Have you been keeping track of where the jobs that you are interested in are posted? Wouldn’t recommend short courses. If you struggle to find jobs once you arrive you could consider going back to school but you would need to take at least an 8 month course for it to be worthwhile. You know your area of focus best. The issue with the greater Ottawa region is that basic French is usually needed for federal gvt jobs and municipal jobs in the city of Ottawa. Would encourage you to study the job postings throughout the country over as many months as possible to see where the jobs are available. I also think most new immigrants should remain as flexible as possible when looking for a job initially. Most new grads should also go where the job is versus limit yourself to one city before you get some Canadian experience. If you deal in waste management I would imagine many cities have waste management professionals because they have water treatment plants and garbage/recycling programs. I only know a bit about your work history and skills. You need to do a lot more research.

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