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januvary 2020 international students

Discussion in 'International Students' started by itsmeharry 123, May 29, 2019.

  1. For which course you applied?
  2. I have applied on 26 june in sheridan college for business and business marketing course so tell me when will they issue offer letter.
  3. I have applied for Human Resource management Coop, marketing management Coop and professional accounting.
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    I think in mid August you will get LOA
  5. I have applied for Seneca college, Sheridan college and Manitoba institute of trades and technology for January 2020
  6. Yes i my self have applied to seneca & Sheridan on 1st june for Jan2020,However seneca was applied on 11th may too for fall 2019 but no response has been given by them
  7. For which course?
  8. In seneca business insurance& in sheridan business general
  9. Okay.Sheridan has started giving offer letter for January intake.I got mine on 28th May because I applied on 15th April
  10. Jan 2020 Langara College, Vancouver. Got LoA, paid fee, purchased GIC, upfront medical remaining then applying for visa.
  11. I also applied in lambton collage. Have you proceeded your file in embassy for jan 2020..
  12. I also applied in lambton collage. Have you applied your file in embassy??
  13. Have you applied your file for jan 2020 in embassy???
  14. Anyone here for centennial especially biotechnology advanced Jan intake?
  15. I got into VIU January 2020

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