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januvary 2020 international students

Discussion in 'International Students' started by itsmeharry 123, May 29, 2019.

  1. hello anyone applied for jan intake i applied in lambton college toronto
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  2. Yes i applied for lambton college in Mississauga and got offer letter for January 2020. Where are you from?
  3. i m from punjab i also got offer letter u applied your visa application in embasssy and tell me what is the right time to submit my application in embassy for jan intake
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  4. Am for Jan. Tru
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  5. Veer i am also from Punjab. I also have the same question in my mind as i too want to apply. May be from june onwards visa application will start. July vich taa pkka lgni. Punjab to kitho proper?
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  6. Kindly share your details
  7. When are the international students for January 2020 intake expected to start lectures ?
  8. It is mostly given on letter of acceptance. Most probably by 2nd January. From where are you and which college have you applied?
  9. Hello guys,
    Does any one know the availability of part time jobs during that period? I heard that its very difficult for students of Jan intake to get a job and also internships.
  10. hii mitesh the thing is that tha students who has classes on alternative days for them it is difficult owtherwise it is not a big problem
  11. I'm from Nigeria and i applied to lethbridge university, Alberta.
  12. I too applied for jan 2020 intake in lambton college but yet not got my offerletter . When did you apply and what time did it taje to recieve it?
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  13. Is it easy to get an offer letter from Average colleges for PG diploma programmes?
  14. I also applied for jan 2020 intake for lambton but haven't received the offerletter . How long did it take for you to get the offerletter. Please reply?
  15. No. I am saying getting a part time job and internship/placement is difficult for students of Jan intake.

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