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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. @Adeena did you get any update?
  2. Not EVERYONE, trust me!! January 4th applicant here ...
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  3. No. Not yet
  4. Hey @al0h0m0ra . Thank you so much for your kind words. I got my PPR yesterday. Unfortunately the arrangement of the house my husband and I were supposed to get at the beginning of this month fell through and we are back at square one. Sadly I will not be moving to Canada anytime soon as we need a home of our own and to afford it. I plan on doing a soft landing as close to the expiry date as possible without being too risky which will most likely be March/April 2020. From my research it shows that the 5 year period starts on the landing date which I figured and that truly will help me out especially in this situation. Despite my tale of woe, I am very happy for you!!!
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  5. Naa yaar
    Did biometrics on 12th june .. still waiting for file transfer
  6. Oh wow u got ppr congratulations!!!!! Oh that’s sad even when u got the process so fast u still have to wait .. I do understand ur situation and that’s the reason I am not hoping for the really fast process I am okay with 9-12 months until I get my own place and settle down with my husband rit away without any prblems
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  7. Thank you. Yes it is very bittersweet. I was not expecting it to be this fast especially since at the beginning of this journey we had a representative and he told us 12 months. I truly have no idea how long I'll be even more separated from my husband and have to delay trying for kids. I'm trying to be hopeful that it will be sooner than later. It is just unfortunate that something we were greatly depended on fell through. Oh well. I guess somethings happen for a reason and maybe we're not supposed to live there.
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  8. Hi all,
    I wanted to touch base again with everyone who are still waiting for the file transfer.
    The last time I checked (which was about a month ago), these applicants said they are still waiting for AOR2:
    @sveta @visheshkathuria @Beatkedd @Adeena @LeticiaKay @beethoven5
    Have you guys received any updates? We haven't heard anything yet!

    This is my timeline:
    File submitted: 31 Jan 2019
    File number: 14 Mar 2019
    Biometric received: 18 Mar 2019
    Medical approved: 01 Apr 2019
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  9. No. My file is still at cio Sydney:(
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  10. Haven’t heard anything since medical passed beginning of April. Still waiting for biometrics and file transfer
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  11. kaul afghanistan
  12. can you check online if your file is being transfred
  13. You can find out through Ecas, but they don't always show that info unless you call. I'm also in the same boat my wife is from kabul aswell, I have been waiting since Jan 14 after medicals in March nothing new. Looking at other Kabul applicants no one has gotten ppr yet, I have even gone passed 2018 applicants and they are still waiting.
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  14. great :(
  15. I just received my COPR yesterday.
    I didn’t receive a file transfer email so I called IRCC and they said it had been transferred to Mississauga.
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