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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. They sent it to the PA's email address. Timeline is in my signature, I'm about to update it.
  2. Got PPR and Pre-Arrival today... Thank you Lord!
  3. Congrats! !
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  4. I ordered gcms notes and got dem today . I am still awaiting for file transfer ..
    but in my notes it says that it was transferred to VO on 18 march the day i got SA .. i have called call centre a few times they say its still in CIO sydney .. what the fu*k is going on ? Its been 3 months . We dont know hw file transfer works but if it says in my notes that it is initiated then it should be . Why the fu*k is my file is still sydney ?
    Any clue ? Anyone ?
    I dont have a we started processing line on ecas
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  5. any idea what is the processing time for London VO?
  6. thats so unfair- how do i find out where it will be transferred? I'm in USA and my husband is in pakistan..is there any way to expedite?
  7. Hello, was your app transferred to Manila? If yes, when? Thank you
  8. iam also waiting since march nothing yet
  9. how do you know if file will or will not be transfered where will it say it
  10. Hi, I was wondering how long after you received the additional document request did you submit the documents wanted, when did you notice the statement changed from your action is required or we need additional documents under your the Additional Document section, and from how long since you submitted the documents, and noticed the status change did PA get PPR. My due date to submit is June 27th but I submitted the document a few days after the request.
  11. Right at the bottom of gcms notes
  12. where is the gcms notes and what is that
  13. You have to request gcms and you get in 30 days.
    If you are canada you can do it yourself or else avail the services of third party.
  14. Hey , i have a quick question ,
    My marriage date is 17 oct 2018
    And i have attached my marriage certificate in my application but my rep put 17 nov 2019 in generic (IM 0008 form ) my SA got approved i got medical and bio as well ..
    Can i send a updated form ?
    Should i ?
    + how can i ?
  15. You must send an updated form with an explanation letter via webform.
    If you don't, this will flag in your eligibility and can come up as misinformation.

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