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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Hi
    My application transferred to paris VO since march 8,2019 . No updates.
  2. Hi all,

    I've been more of a quiet reader up until now, but I thought my timeline might be helpful to some people as I've not seen too many EU citizens here (except UK). We have a lawyer so I don't have access to all the information but this is what I know:

    Application received January 23rd
    Sponsorship approval March 8th
    Medical requested March 9th
    Medical done April 2nd
    Medical passed April 11th
    Biometrics requested May 23rd
    Biometrics done June 7th
    Started processing application June 8th
    ECAS shows DM June 9th

    PA is from Germany
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  4. My husbands was received on the 29th, still waiting! I have heard around 2 weeks but no way to be sure. We're hoping to leave for Canada early next week.....
  5. What page are you talking about? On GCKey if you select Add (link) application and then for what program did you apply for choose the appropriate category and sub category, and fill rest info like PA’s details etc then the last ‘other application information’ option has the ‘Number of family members, including the primary applicant, that are part of this application’ question, you fill the appropriate number (1, 2, 3 etc). Include sponsor too in this so will be 2 and any dependent will be an additional +1 each.
  6. Just submitted biometrics today and sent the additional document they requested last week in three different ways (email, CSE, and on GCKey).

    I thought I would give a heads up to anyone coming to the Buffalo site for biometrics. Parking is directly out front and you have to pay 25 cents (a quarter) for every 7 minutes in the meter. The process was pretty fast. There seemed to be 5 other people including me there for a 9 am appointment. I was last because I made the front security aware that the process might be longer for me as working in healthcare I do not have fingerprints much anymore due to the constant touching of things and always washing my hands. I still left within 40 mins after arriving. You not only need to bring your passport and biometrics letter sent from CIC but proof of your appt with USCIS. I have no idea if this is just Buffalo now or all of USCIS. I think its for all locations though. Fortunately I was able to pull proof of the appt on my phone on the USCIS website with my IRCC number. They were very nice there, especially a worker there named Sean. Shockingly to me he had no problem obtaining my fingerprints like every other place did including the county sheriff office and state police for my FBI certificate, and Identogo for my state police certificate. I am fortunate that the Buffalo site is local and has great people working there. I highly recommend if people are coming from Ontario or other parts of Western New York to use this location site for biometrics.
  7. Just noticed on ECAS is says started processing 5june2019.
    Any hopes for PPR this week or soon?
    File was transferred to NEW DELHI 30 may2019.


    App received 11 jan
    Medical req- 05 march
    Sa-05 march
    Medical completed- 06 march
    Medical passed -13 march
    Biometrics req- 17 may
    Biometrics completed- 18 may
    File transfer - 30 may to VO New Delhi
    Started processing-on 05june 2019
  8. I sent mine January 3rd today got medical received . Good luck all
  9. There is no set time. My husband got his medicals done and received in April 19th and didn't hear anything from CIC until June 5th.
  10. Good afternoon. Nothing for me so far. :(
  11. good afternoon .

    my app was received on January 31st
    March 12 I received AOR1
    March 21 I received biometric request.
    they never sent me the letter to go for biometric

    should I be worried?

    PA coming from haiti
  12. Mine was the same they sent me the letter after 3 month they told me to pay the biometric fee first then after 3 month they asked for biometric and i did it today . Hopefully everything is fine
  13. They sent you biometrics request? Payment request? You can’t get the biometrics request without the letter. I’m confused
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  14. First they requested the biometric and asked me to pay the fee ... Then after 3 months they send me a letter for the biometric
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  15. So they sent you the biometrics collection letter on GCKey.
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