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**----January 2019 Outland Application----**

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lcuser, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. I am going to base my answer on my process as permanent resident a few years back, I think you can send it to Canada but if you do then you would have to 'land' in an office in Canada or leave and enter again. Your COPR is used to do the actual landing process. What I mean is.. ideally, it would have been nice for you to have your COPR form when you went now because you would hand over that form at the airport to an official who asks you a couple of questions, signs it, stamps it, and welcomes you to Canada :p . But because you're going to be already in Canada visiting by the time they mail that out to you (whether directly or your parents) then you will have to do the landing procedure either by appointment within Canada (will depend how long you're staying in your visit) or next time you fly back to Canada.
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  2. Thanks for all of your help! My husband lives in close proximity to the border (about 20 minutes) so flagpoling will be a last resort if it comes down to that. I'm also flying back to the US in November for a wedding so if we really have a hard time flagpoling or scheduling an appointment then I'll 'land' when I fly back to Canada in November.
  3. Just recieved biometrics request
    Still no file transfer ..
    24 jan application recieved
    24 march medical
    Any hopes ?
  4. Im waiting on medical so annoying, its been a month since ive gotten a file transfer to amman
  5. I'm looking at the requirements on the PPR. It's a bit confusing.

    Under "For citizens not using MyCIC and of a country that is exempt from obtaining a visa to Canada" it says send photos and documents to Canada House, and include a self-addressed envelope.
    Under "For citizens using MyCIC AND from a country that is exempt from obtaining a visa to Canada" it says just send photos. Nothing about address to send to or self-addressed envelopes - but I assume this is implied to be the same as above, at least for the address.

    Anyway, my question: What is the self-addressed envelope for? The CoPR? It's clearly not to return my passport or documents as the only thing I am sending in hard copy is photos.

  6. So bring a list of furniture you plan to move across??
    Even if it is old and cheap? haha

    My husband is planning to go this coming week to either peace or QL bridge... he can for sure drive back and forth without the PR card until he gets it in the mail right? We will be needing to travel back and forth these coming weeks!!

    Thanks for all the info and congrats on finally "landing"!
  7. Hello everyone, hope all of you're having a great time.
    I received medical examination request on June 05, 2019 and done it on June 06, 2019. How long will it after medical examination to receive passport request. Some people say three months, two months etc. Just wanna know from guys. Thank you in advance.
  8. Firstly try to avoid repeating posts and please wait until someone responds or wait until your post gets pushed back far away behind other posts and then repost (if it was not double posted as a mistake). Medical examination is not the last step that needs to be completed. You have to go through the entire process that includes Biometrics Medicals File Transfer Assessing PA’s eligibility, completing PA’s background checks and if everything is found to be good and passed then you get passport request. If they have doubts they will ask for additional documents or in some severe cases, a PFL (a Procedural Fairness letter) or an interview. When all these steps get completed, depends on your case and varies from others so do not compare it with what others have mentioned (1 month, 2 months). All the best.
    The question the posted previously was a bit vague as I didn't mention Timeline.
    For Some people medical
    examination even come before Biometric but this wasn't case for me.

    Our Timeline as below:
    #Application received : Jan 07, 2019
    #AOR: Feb 20, 2019
    #SA: March 01, 2019
    #File Transferred: March 15, 2019
    #Biometric request : April 07, 2019
    #Biometric Done: April 10, 2019
    #Interview request: May 01, 2019
    #Medical request: June 05, 2019
    #Medical Done : June 06, 2019
    #Interview Date: June 15, 2019 (Not yet Done)

    Once I'm done the the interview which will be on June 15, 2019, how long will it to receive passport request??
  10. Hello every one,
    I am Jan 7 2019 applicant got AOR, SA, Medical pass, file transfer to local VO, BGC started and invitation to Pre-Arrival but have not received Biometric request yet is that normal ?
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  11. Yeah there doesnt seem to be a consistent order for everyone don’t worry
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  12. @melylags @dks2500

    I ended up calling CBSA yesterday after @LostinSpace 's post and found out some information, confirmed twice by the representatives working there, basically confirming what I was told by the Queenstown Lewiston bridge years ago when my husband and I started toying with the idea of me being the one to move.

    If you are coming from the states and "soft landing" for COPR you can go anytime any day to do that. You do not need to bring a list of your belongings. That is when you are officially "settling" and declaring it when crossing, such as crossing with a U-Haul truck or what have you and having 2 lists of your belongings; 1- present list - what you are bringing with you then, and 2- future list-what will be coming up at a different time, in order to not pay duty. You can still travel to Canada by car with COPR while waiting for the PR card and without "settling" during that time until you do officially settle.

    When someone is already in Canada and "flagpoling" to get COPR that is when it becomes a certain day, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to get it done and they confirmed spots are limited. Also that is when a person must have the list of their belongings to follow them later if they do not have them with them when they "land."

    Hope that is helpful to you and others.
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  13. This is really helpful, thank you. I had no idea that there was a difference between the soft landing and flagpoling.
    So if we decide to flagpole, is the 'schedule' (T/W/Th) the same at all land crossings? In terms of availability only on certain days.
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    Yes congrats, amazing, 2 months, that's fast for any app! This app was processed in Mississauga though, not Mexico, right @cbego318?
  15. I truly did not even know what flagpoling meant until everything was greatly described to me which I appreciated. Soft landing is the term when someone outside Canada comes to do COPR only and not actually settle. Where as flagpoling is when a car from Canada turns around at the flagpoles without crossing into the states and entering at a border that way and because of never leaving Canada to go back to the states, that is why the rules are different and why they expect the list of belongings right then since the person is in Canada already. So yes, "flagpoling", or if you intend to not actually leave Canada to enter at a border and do COPR, that is only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday no matter which border, it's the same everywhere just different border crossing location. And from what I gather its first come first serve in the morning.
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