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>>>>JANUARY 2019 AoR<<<< Join here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by legalfalcon, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. No reply as expected from LVO... And never ordered notes as it might take 40+ days.. so just waiting
  2. Hey Guys,

    A bit anxious so need help here. I submitted my passport on June 19th for COPR stamping and my application was approved about two days ago. However my passport is yet to be shipped from Candada Ottawa CPC, and the return tracker has not yet been activated. Does it take a few days for them to send the passport back after approval?

    Is anyone else here also on the same boat?
  3. I submitted my passport on June 18th. Got approved on July 5th. No update so far. It seems everything is being delayed. I refresh my return tracker several times a day. :rolleyes:
  4. No my AOR is 2 January
  5. True, but that is how i feel with my experience
  6. You need to write an email and follow up with IRCC -ATIP for GCMS delay follow up
  7. Can anyone add me to the Wattsapp group for APR Jan 2019? I tried, but it gave me an error message.

    APR 15th Jan
  8. Hi
    I was silent observer of this forum.
    Today got the PPR
    AOR: 07jan
    Medical: 15Feb
    PPR: 10jul

    All the best every one..for sure January people will be in canada soon
  9. Heartily congratulations
  10. Heartiest congratulations!
    Country of residence and VO??

  11. COR: INDIA
    VO: Ottawa
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  12. Congratulations
  13. Congratulations silent reader :)
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  14. for the guys who have passed the "Scheduled Date", for the timeline start counting 1 day(s) overdue, 2 day(s) overdue or just says nothing! Just curious is IRCC highlighting the delay.

    For me it's still few days to go.

    Wishing everyone all the best.
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  15. Congratulations!!!
    Did you get a PPR mail or straight in your CIC profile?
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