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January 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Chi2Van, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Decision Made: Now it can be any where from one month to 4 months. but it looks like i will be a smooth process now. Keeping fingers crossed!
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  2. Hey beautiful people, anyone had the test a few months ago here and still IP?
  3. Congrats on passing the test, however I'm sorry to hear the interview wasn't smooth. It sounds like IIRC are not yet satisfied that you have shown enough proof of your physical presence over the duration of your eligibility period.

    It is possible for them to request additional documents, and in this case since they've suggested you start gathering flight details I think you might be getting a residency questionnaire soon. There are many topics in this forum about the residency questionnaire (often referred to as RQ). Unfortunately none of them will contain much news you want to hear, as this process can delay the completion of your application quite a lot.

    There is some good news though - they're not rejecting your application, they just need some more evidence from you. So if you're certain you do indeed qualify, then eventually you'll be a citizen. Sorry you have to go through this dragged out procedure to get there though.
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  4. This is just ridiculous... who would save every single boarding pass for several years? Even a hoarder like myself don’t have all of them, and I am the kind of hoarder that would need some intervention because I tend to keep a lot of things that I haven’t used/touched for years
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  5. Thank you so much for the reply, this is really helpful. I will definitely look up RQ. I agree with you that this process will be delayed by months probably. I'm just a little surprised because I had absolutely zero issues with my application (sent it, haven't heard anything at all for about 8 months and got a test invite) so I thought they would have requested any additional info before the test invite...Wanted to share so that everyone else is prepared for the interview...
  6. I know.....maybe the itineraries and flight confirmations that were sent to my email will be enough? :( but then there are things I have no idea how to prove. For example, I had multiple trips to Israel and Israel doesn't stamp your passport, and he thought since there are no stamps in my passport, I have another passport & another citizenship. We spent a good 5 minutes discussing that! How on earth am I supposed to prove to him I only have one... Anybody has any ideas? I really don't know. And another thing that almost drove me to tears....I lived in another country for a few months and I made a few 3-day trips to Toronto. So he asked me why, which is fair. But saying you were going home wasn't a good explanation (he said, "it just doesn't make sense, you have no family here, it's not your home" :'( ). I didn't know what else to say after that... :( so be prepared to explain :( good luck to everyone else waiting for interviews!
  7. Hi there, can someone please update my information on the sheet?
    1. App. Delivered: January 10, 2018
    2. AOR: Feb 27, 2018
    3. In Process ecasL: Mar 29, 2018
    4. Test Invite letter/ecas date: September 13, 2018
    5. Test Interview date: October 3, 2018
    6. Decision Made date: October 4, 2018
  8. Hello,
    Please add this new entry for January 2018 applicants. Already missed my first post.

    ID: Hanihani
    Location: Vancouver
    App type: Single
    Physical Presence: 1573 days
    App Sent: UPS January 8th 2018
    App Recieved: January 10th 2018
    AOR: February 23rd 2018
    In process: April 3rd 2018.
  9. Don’t let this pull you down. Just prepare well. Divide the paper work into what you have and what you don’t have. What you have can be categorized as ‘answers’ to all the questions or red flags the officer raised. And then you have the rest that you can’t prove. Some of the things I can think of are:

    - get equivalent docs, receipts, tickets etc to prove your presence. So for instance get anything you can get your hands on - cinema tickets, transit receipts, paypal payments receipts, rent and lease docs, email communications etc. For boarding passes, some airlines provide flight records or receipts of things purchased on the airline. There might be a small fee attached. As for one passport, let CIC prove beyond a doubt that you have another one. They can’t because you don’t have a other one.

    Remember : Legally, unless you are convicted of a crime, and fall exactly into one of those caveats etc, they can’t refuse your application.

    Hang in there.
  10. hello! out of topic. anyone processing their passport? I just have a question regarding section J of the application where they ask for the previous Canadian travel document. In my case I am an immigrant, should I indicate my PR card information? but I will then surrender it during my oath. I'm confused what kind of document they want. pls help
    thank you!
  11. OATH today for the 31 of october
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  12. Yay! congratuations
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  13. Updated!
  14. Could you please update the sheet? Thank you

    Name: TTCX
    App sent: Dec 31th, 2017
    App delivered: Jan 8th, 2018
    AOR: Feb 20th, 2018
    In Process: Mar 28th, 2018
    Test Invite: Oct 4th, 2018
    Test/Interview: Oct 29th, 2018
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  15. Updated!
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