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January 2018 - Citizenship Applications

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by Chi2Van, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. Thanks a lot Chi2Van.. You are awesome..
  2. Hi! I've been posting in the December thread but I think I'm meant to be in here since my package didn't reach CIC before 2017 ended.

    Here are my details:
    ID: Quink
    Location: Vancouver
    App type: Single
    Physical Presence: 1144 days
    App Sent: Mailed 28th December 2017
    App Recieved: ??? (estimated 4th Jan per Canada Post).

    Looking forward to sharing updates with you guys!
  3. Added you to the January tracker! Good luck on speedy processing!
  4. Thanks! I hope I don't get stuck behind the huge amount of new applications in October and November. I actually reached my residency obligations early November but I realised as I was about to apply that I didn't have any way of proving my English skills and so I needed to take an IELTS test. Even though English is my first (and only) language!

    Ah well, at least this isn't like waiting for PR where there was a risk of not being able to stay in Canada if the application takes too long. :)
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  5. Hi, can you please update my details to the tracker?

    ID: michael87
    Location: Toronto
    Application type: Family (2 pax)
    Physical Presence: 1113 days
    App posted: 28 Dec 2017
    App received: 4 Jan 2018 (target).
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  6. Hi ,please can you let me know where did you take you english test 'how much the cost and how long you have to wait to get your certificat.my second langage is french i m not sure if they will accept the certificat i sent with my application.thanks
  7. I did IELTS at Acsenda School of Management in Vancouver. $309 + a couple of bucks extra for them to send you a second copy of your results. I found out my scores in 13 days, and I got my certificate in the mail 25 days after taking the test (although Christmas might have affected that).
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  8. Happy New Year friends.
    I am on the bandwagon now officially. Please add me to the tracker.
    God speed for all of our apps :)

    ID: Robin_Pandey
    Location: Mississauga
    App type: Single
    Physical Presence: 1340 days
    App Sent: 23rd December 2017
    App Received: 2nd Jan 2018
  9. Happy 2018
    The best way to start the year is by joining your group....This is our year!!!!!

    Admin, pls add me to the tracker

    ID: Michoo2018
    Location: Calgary
    App type: Single
    Physical Presence: 1,105 days
    App Sent: Jan. 2nd, 2018
    App Est. Delivery: Jan 8th, 2018

    Good luck to everybody

  10. Added you to the January tracker! Good luck on speedy processing!

  11. Added you to the January tracker! Good luck on speedy processing!
  12. Hello and happy new year
    Kindly add me to the sheet
    Name : Mustafa
    application type: Family
    Location: Ottawa
    Days: 1160
    Application sent : January 2,2018
    Relieved : ???????????
  13. Added!
  14. Amazingly, Canada Post exceeded their estimation for delivery of my application, and it actually arrived this morning (3rd Jan). I'm listed as the 4th for package arrival in the spreadsheet, so that can be changed if the organisers would like. :)

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