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<Jan 2018 applicants> after PPR.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by leolea, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. July 11 - 2019 PPR
    (CIC nothing changed)
    (ECAS - DM)

    July 11 - 2019 sent passport copy to Ottawa ON.

    July 12 - Delivered

    July 25 - Approved on CIC
    (CIC website got updated and showed ‘Approved’)

    (tracking number is not activated yet!)
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  2. Doea it show counterfoil too??
  3. I do not have access to gc key...but i called in today...they told me copr has been genereated yedterday and passport in queue for printing
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    You can do landing after August 15 or 16 with your new immigration visa, but can't work with expired work permit. It's better before August 15.
    Just my thoughts.

  5. Nice now you are ahead of me. I still have not received any updates in CIC. Let’s see next week.
  6. Same here
  7. Finally Received my PR card last july 25,2019. 9 days after landing interview. Good luck to everyone!
  8. just a quick poll guys

    which one do you prefer?
    1. local visa office
    2. border
  9. Think i will go to the border. I think its faster
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  10. tha ks for replying, lots of my friends do border aswell, my consultant told me local cic office is the way to go, they said officer at the border are really strict and ask to many question plus on top of that the travel time.
    im not sure which one choose as of the moment
  11. I also thought to do landing at the office, but I heard that waiting time is about 4-8 weeks for an office appointment. If it's a true better to do landing at the border.

    Do you know how many time need to wait for an appointment to cic office?
  12. Did you get your passport back
  13. im from calgary, a friend of mine told me that he waited 2weeks for the interview
  14. not yet, just planning ahead
  15. Processing time should be about 3 weeks hey

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