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Is it Unlawful termination?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by suddenrush, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. My boss fired me today because he told me that i am not accepting my mistakes.is it considered as a ground for termination?
    If the termination is unlawful what benefits do i get from the government of canada?
    Thank you.
    Please give me advise.
  2. It depends on details of your province. For example, in Alberta you can be fired for any reason within the first 3 months of working; and in general, if you're fired legally you can't collect any benefits. But every province is different, and it depends on the details of your job as well.
  3. I am working in Alberta as a waitress for 7months. I had a conflict with one of my co-worker and my Boss is being biased with me and they are all koreans.he wanted me to admit mistakes which i don't find me being wrong.
  4. Look at this web site -- it will explain your rights and duties, and how you can be fired.


    Also, look here as well:

  5. Thanks for the links. I have another question if i decided to ask the Service Canada about this matter what will happen with my existing work permit? Will they void it?
  6. No idea -- I'd ask the question in a separate post, with a subject that mentions it and not termination.
  7. You can sue him for wrongful termination if you were there longer than 3 months and you did not have any write-ups on your record for past mistakes. Does your termination letter give a reason why you were let go?

    You are allowed to stay in Canada as long as your work permit is valid. Service Canada will not invalidate your permit. You can try applying for EI although they may refuse you based on that your work permit will not allow you to take any job that comes along. Otherwise, you can look for another employer who will get an LMO for you and you could apply for a new work permit for.
  8. Thank you for your reply, it was a relief on my part.that's what makes me worried about my status of staying here.anyway, yes he gave me reason on the termination letter but i completely disagree with that and i can prove that.i also have voice records on all our conversations.i just had one warning notice but it never happened again and the next thing he did was terminate me verbally.
  9. If you are in AB and unsure of your rights, you should call the employment standards. You can find them here:


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