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is it possible to exit from foreign countries going to canada?

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Claire27, Jan 16, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I just want to ask because I got my Visitor Visa (for the first time) in Bangkok Thailand but i want to go home to Philippines first to visit my family and friends then exit from Philippines to Toronto and come back from Toronto to Thailand. I just want to ask if it is possible and it is not difficult to exit in Philippines in that matter? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi guys! my working visa po aq at nominated po aq dun sa canada pra s PR, tnong ko lng po kng klngan ko p mgPDOS at kmuha ng oec? khit my LMIA exemption po ako. pkisagot nmn po. tnx
  3. Ms Ldevega.

    I have the same situation. My niece is alao 22 years old and the minimum age for hsw is 23.
    Nakaalis po ba yung pamangkin niyo? Ano po ginawa niyong paraan. Please help. Naaawa ako sa pamangkin ko. She is so down.
  4. I have the same question.. can anyone answer who have the experience? My w.visa will expire on 2021, and I’m still waiting for my OEC here in manila until now :(
  5. Hi Could anyone can give an insight on this.
    I am from Middle East and planning to exit in Singapore to get the Work Permit to speed up the process. Is there any risk on risk on this?
    I am coming with my family under YNP pathway.
    Salamat po sa mga sasagot.
  6. Hi Mam..Ano po yung COE ? Salary Certificates po ba is enough.
  7. Hello, I submitted my passport in Philippines and got it after 3 working days with my working visa stamped on it,is it ok if I exit in Philippines because the issuing authority stamped is Singapore?
    TIA fir the reply
  8. Yes, that doesn't matter.
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  9. Hi! Im a newbie here. I am an OFW now in Hong Kong and I applied for my Canadian work permit here. I will not go back to the Philippines before going to Canada once approved as I read a lot of forums that the Immigration Officer will ask for PDOS, OEC, etc. Will that be okay? The HK or Canadian Immigration Officer will not require these documents from me right? I just want to make sure that once my WP is approved, I will resign in my current job in HK, I will be able to go directly to Canada without any problems. Thank you!!
  10. The Canadian side doesn't care how you arrive here. As long as you land in Canada with a valid work permit/visa, CBSA will not ask you any questions about how you left your home/other country.

    I don't know about Hong Kong exit immigration so can't speak to that.

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