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Is first language (IELTS) the same as native language ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Andy2109, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. Folks,

    I have one query and seek your expert opinion. Is first language (chosen in IELTS) the same as native language ? I have received my IELTS scorecard in which, my first language shows up as HINDI (national language of India). This is what I chose when I filled up the IELTS form which probably was wrong.

    But my native language is a south indian language. Will mentioning a different language in PR application other than what is given in IELTS scorecard create a problem ?
  2. Yes First language is the same as native language.

    I think it may create a problem if you mention a different language than the one chosen during your IELTS since CIC will refer your IELTS score card for your native language. Also, you will have to mention your name in native language in the background declaration form that you selected as Hindi.

    Hope that clarifies !
  3. Thanks! I will make sure to maintain uniformity in my application with 'Hindi' as my native language.
  4. Hi Andy,
    I would suggest you speak to IELTS service provider on whether you can change the first language option as practically there is no difference choosing Hindi or other south indian languages. If it is a simple process, better you choose that option so you continue reporting accurate information everywhere.
  5. Hmmm... maintain a uniform error? Not a good idea. Change the info with IELTS.
  6. Sorry but it is a personal choice. Hindi is our India's national language and I can own to call it my 'native language'. My father speaks a different language than my mother. And I was born in a state where a third different language is spoken than both of them.

    India has more than 250 languages and it can get really confusing.
  7. Andy,

    Well you can assume Hind as your native language ..and maintain that in your all forms ....and so there is no error.

    just make sure that in some of the forms you have to write the names in your native language ..so write it in Hindi ..and thats it.

    I dont see this as an issue from any angle ..
  8. The only thing that is confusing is that in your first post, you say that your native language is not Hindi, and now you say it is :)
  9. how wud u describe this?
    i was born in montreal..french is my native lang; but i can call english my native lang since say i live in victoria n my parents speak eng not french ???
  10. Native language is supposedly the language that you learned at home during childhood and one which you still understand. If your parents speak English at home, then that's what you as a child learn at home. If so, you could call English your native language. But if your parents speak French at home, that's the first language you are initiated to and build command on, and therefore it could be referred to as your native language.

    Yes, it does get trickier in today's world!!
  11. Thanks for this clarification. I had put English as my first language for my IELTS exam. I felt that is the language that I am most adept with and have studied and worked in all my life. I've however been born and brought up in Delhi (India) but felt English is the language that I am the most fluent with. Now in the PR form they're asking for my First Language/Mother tongue. I guess I will have to now stick to English right? Even though technically my mother tongue is Urdu/Hindi?
  12. can i change my first language code in trf card after the result out.i wrongly wirtten as english.but my first language is punjabi.mistake done by me.is it possible to change first language code in british ielts.
  13. Also, most of us in India who went to English medium schools might have learnt all subjects in English so it gets a bit tricky. I mean English was my first language in School, second language was Hindi and third language was my native language.
  14. Hi
    I have mentioned as my 1st langauge as English in IELTS, but now in PR application form it is First Language/Mother Tongue option, as I studied English as my 1st language but mother tongue is Kannada . Bit confused which one to fill in the form.
  15. Hi I have put English as my first language in my IELTS, but now for the applications to college and future processes which language should I mention. My mother tongue is kannada. But my medium of study was English. Now please help me with this.

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