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Is an Original Birth Certificate needed in Canada?

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by RISHIFERRARI20, Sep 17, 2019.

  1. I recently received my CoPR and I am currently planning my move. This question is mainly for those who have recently immigrated to Canada from another country. Is an original birth certificate needed at ANY point of the immigration journey, either during landing or subsequent settling down? For things like SIN, insurance, getting employment, health services, home, bank account or any government or private services in Canada?

    I am asking because the date and name spelling on my original birth record in India are different from all my official documents and therefore I cannot produce an original birth certificate. I can possibly only a get an affidavit of birth created by an attorney or notary. I remember some governments, for eg. France, request an OBC for some government services. Is it the same with Canada? Hoping it's not...
  2. While it's not needed when you apply the above mentioned, you might need one to prove things such as proof of relationship for things like you want to invite your parents to come to visit you in Canada (unless you have other doc that can prove otherwise).
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  3. thanks!
  4. Most immigrants over 40 years may not have a Original and use Passport/Education papers that mention DoB. A Driving license and passport from origin country are generally good to go. But Birth Certificate Originals of most children are a must.
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