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Is a Canadian work permit extension considered a job offer for an express entry program?

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by lijinjoybethel, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. I landed on Canada on Jan 21st, 2018 on a two year closed work permit and the permit is expiring on Jan 2nd, 2020. I have submitted my application for extending my work permit through my company for another year and am expected to receive the extension by Jan 2020. So my current state is
    • I have 1 Year of Canadian Work Experience.
    • By Jan 21st, 2020, I will able to claim 2 Years of Canadian Work Experience.

    So, once I get my 1 Year extension of work permit, can I update my express entry profile in a way that,
    • 1 Year Canadian Experience and a Valid Job offer.
    • 2 Year Canadian Experience and no Job Offer.
  2. do you offer of employment number or LIMA exempt number for extension
  3. Its LMIA exempted.
  4. if you extension offer with number -- you can claim 50 points
  5. What is it mean "offer with number" ??

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