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IRCC Webform - no automated response

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nazgul86, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Today? But today is Sunday. Was the reply automated or case specific?
  2. Looks like they work on Sunday too. It was a case specific reply
  3. Hmm, interesting...
  4. Have you send it multiple times or just one time and waited till today ?
  5. I've sent it multiple times, and waited til today
  6. Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I will wait till Wednesday. Let's see
  7. How many CSE's have you created? I have created two, both of them more than 7 days ago. Still no response!
  8. I probably created 1 per day for 3 days, so about 3/4 CSEs. I'm getting responses today to all of them, which is kind of annoying since it's the same response over and over (we are forwarding this to the responsible officer etc.).
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  9. Any update ?
  10. Got a response yesterday. Looks like its just a new format. No auto response to CSE.
  11. What written in the reply ?
  12. What Time yesterday ?
  13. After how many day you got the reply exactly ?
  14. I just got a reply saying that they have forwarded to the responsible office.

    After talking to IRCC agent and asking about this issue, she informed me that they cannot confirm whether my CSE is actually sent or not. I got worried yesterday and sent a new CSE. I checked which CSE they are responding to and see it is the 10th of April CSE I sent. :( I hope they will see it is a duplicate.

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