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IRCC Webform - no automated response

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nazgul86, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. I got the email in the spam folder, i just checked.
    The email arrived yesterday (6th day after the enquiry was raised)
    Aor is 17th feb
  2. Automated response or case specific response?
  3. Case specific, the email stated that my query has been forwarded to the concerned office and it has the agent name and reference number at the sign off
  4. So you hadn't received any aor on the same day when you send cse ?
  5. Nope i didnt get an acknowledgement email just the case specific email 6 days later
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  6. Thanks for your prompt reply.
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    I also raised CSE on Wednesday to share with them the renewal of a travel document i have. No auto response.

    I'll wait another week to see if i receive the actual response.
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  8. I did on Wednesday as well ! Not automated reply.

    We all are on the same boat.
    If anyone gets any update , please share here
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  9. You will get it on Tuesday
  10. 6 days after you raised your query which was on Wednesday so by Tuesday
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  11. Let's see. Hope for the best.
    I will update here.
  12. I got reply today after 7 days
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