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IRCC Webform - no automated response

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by nazgul86, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I've been trying to contact IRCC for an urgent matter (extending BIL deadline) via the Webform online however it looks like my requests are not going through.
    When I submitted requests in the past, I would immediately receive an automatic acknowledgement e-mail in a matter of minutes, confirming the receival of my requests. However I've been trying to send already 4 requests since yesterday and I'm not getting any automated reply back. I've also tried to call them and they confirmed they did not receive any of my latest inqueries.
    I'm assuming they're having some technical issues, or somehow limiting the incoming traffic requests. Is anyone experiencing this issue or is aware of any possible workarounds?
  2. Hey @nazgul86, the exact same thing happened to me! When I sent webforms in the recent past I received an acknowledgement email within minutes, but I submitted one a few days ago but havent received any response whatsoever. When did you submit the webform? Was it a weekend/after hours?

    If you discover a workaround, please post it here as well!!
  3. It's been 3 days that it's doing this to me, no ack back. I've tried calling CIC but they said it may take 5-7 business days. I don't really believe that, I think they're just somehow throttling the incoming requests.
  4. Did you send it on the weekend, during business hours or after hours? Are you in Canada? Just trying to establish a correlation.
  5. I sent it multiple times during weekend, business hours and after hours, they all resulted in no ack back.
  6. Hmm. On the webform there is an option to 'report a technical problem'. We can use that to report this potential glitch.
  7. Thanks, good idea. I've just tried to do that now by selecting "Technical Difficulties", but I presume I won't receive any ack back even for this one :\
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  8. I'll try to send during business hours tomorrow. If you hear from them in the meanwhile, please post.
  9. Funny thing is, with the old system, whenever I raised a CSE, I always got an automated response. Since this new system "webform" I have never gotten an automated response, and I have used it many times. What I do to be sure that I get across is, I send the information to my LVO using their e-mail address, with this I always got an automated response, till date.
  10. When you submitted the webforms in the past - were you able to confirm they were received by calling IRCC?

    Can you please clarify what you mean by Local Visa Office (LVO)? I know my application is being processed at Sydney, NS. Do you know where to find their email address?
  11. Don't worry it has been the same for me two this week, I raised one cse and haven't received any ack. yet. Wait till Friday, I will do the same
  12. unfortunately, there is no proper email address to contact Sydney, NS office directly
  13. Hi All,

    Has anyone created a CSE recently and received an automated response confirming the submission?

    I have recently created 3 CSE, and have reveived no automated response. So was wondering if the CSE went through. As whenever I have created a CSE in the past always got a automated response.

    Kindly share your experience.

  14. Same experience here, I don't think they are receiving any of these CSEs unfortunately as I've opened some at the beginning of the week and they normally replied in few days.
  15. They do not acknowledge, but they receive it. For example, I changed my address, no acknowledgement, but address is changed.

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