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IQAS ECA timeline tracking

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ElmTree, May 9, 2017.

  1. I see fax numbet is no more available on their website.. U may call and ask for fax number else draft an email stating what all was their in ur package, who all and what all was couriered with tracking details and bla bla
  2. Mine received on 21st Nov. No AOR yet though. I expect may be in this week itself.
  3. Please check from IQAS
    My documents received on Oct 11 and AOR 1 & 2 Received on Dec 04 status in line processing to assessing on Feb 09
  4. They have option to upload the documents once we login to our iqas account. I guess this is the reason why fax number has been removed.
    From now on they may request to upload the docs for ADR and not sent directly.
  5. Oh tha
    Oh! actually, I am from previous generation IQAS, don't know much about the new system but that's good to knwo info.
  6. I am not sure too @babachill I am just throwing a guess..

    But I have observed the fax number got removed after the update. And at that moment upload docs option was updated. So, it can be a possibility.
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  7. Congratulations
  8. My AOR2 is on 14th Dec, 2018
    Current Status: Final review (11th Feb, 2019)
  9. Yeah! Really man. My status has changed to Final Review.

    I hope everything goes well now... And I get my desired result in ECA
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  11. Recieved aor2 for package delivered on 21 nov
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  12. Hiii is there anyone whose documents were delivered in december and received any AOR ??
  13. Nice:)!! I am waiting for my ECA report. My status is final review since 7th Feb
  14. Hi. Do you have the option of clicking on 'Final Status' and if yes, do you get a page asking you to confirm your personal information?
  15. I am not sure if I got your question right. But as far as I understand you want to know if you can click 'Final Review' option. Nope, it seems as if we can click it. But once done, no action.

    I am not sure about status after final review.

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