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IQAS ECA timeline tracking

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ElmTree, May 9, 2017.

  1. Apparently, IQAS is also slowing down now. So I thought I would start a timeline tracking thread here.

    Payment and online completion: April 7
    Mailed documents including sealed transcripts (Van): April 22
    Delivered to IQAS (Edm): April 24
    Package not opened as of: May 9 (Inquired over phone; 11 business days since delivery)
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  2. UPDATE:

    So, I called again today (15th business day since the delivery of mail to the address provided on their website) and it was extremely frustrating. Here's what I found out:

    1. The address that they have given on their website is for the big mail room at Government of Alberta offices, NOT the IQAS itself. Weird, right? In the Govt of Alberta mailing room, the mail is sorted and redirected to IQAS. Apparently, the mail sits in that sorting office for at least a week before being sent to IQAS. Sounds absurdly inefficient, if you ask me. Why not get the mail delivered directly to IQAS? What is the point of choosing the most expensive, signed-for courier service if IQAS can't receive the mail directly? And even if it must be sorted in the big mail room, then why is it so difficult to sort it when all ECA applications will have International Qualifications Assessment Service written on the address label? Mind-boggling. Just pile the IQAS mail up in one friggin corner!
    2. Today (on May 15), they were opening and acknowledging the ECA apps received on May 1. As per my courier's POD, they received mine on April 24, 10:15 am. And yet, not opened yet.
    3. They can't confirm or deny the receipt, damage, misplacement, return, time-travel, etc. of my application. Just wait till Friday, she said. She said the same last week too. And the week before that.

    Anyone with advice/pearls of wisdom? What do you guys make of it? Also, anyone able to share contact details of their management?
  3. IQAS: (no email to reach out to. but ppl on the phone are nice)
    April 21 -
    post office showed deliver status of my application.
    May 4 - this is the date IQAS should have sent me a confirmation/receipt. But they did not.
    May 9 - I called and was told they have too much to do and there maybe delays. Only opened files up to April 27. My file was not yet in the system
    May 11 - IQAS sent me confirmation of receipt of both application and academic files.

    Our timeline is really similar. I think you will receive your acknowledgement pretty soon. However, the ECA I am still waiting for...no idea how long it's gonna take
  4. Documents reached: 11th april
    AOR: 26th april
    Eca received on email: 15th may
  5. Mine:
    Documents reached: 6th March
    Email from IQAS for receipt of documents: 9th March
    ECA Soft copy received on email: 24th March

    My brother:
    Documents reached: 27th March
    Email from IQAS for receipt of documents: 4th April
    ECA Soft copy received on email: 2nd May

    My Sister-in-law:
    Documents reached: 2nd April
    Email from IQAS for receipt of documents: 7th April
    ECA Soft copy received on email: 12th May

    So, in my opinion, the processing time is gradually increasing to around 20-25 business days after the acknowledgement email from IQAS.
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  6. My documents were received by IQAS on 8th May. No email of Aor from IQAS yet. Waiting !
  7. I would recommend waiting a day and if still you don't receive an email from them, give them a call.
  8. Great, thanks! What number should I call at in that case?
  9. Thanks. Though, it seems like mine has still taken significantly longer than most of the responders here. I have already called them on three different dates and except for the politely conversation, there was nothing about their customer service that was helpful or deserved any praise. They couldn't even bother looking it up in the system with my application ID until I had to press it really hard.
  10. Have you heard back? Our post office date is only 3 days apart. It's so annoying to be waiting for the only thing before even being in the pool.
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  11. I called them yesterday and asked why I didn't get the AOR email as the my documents were delivered on 8th May. The lady on the phone said I should be getting the AOR email next week and then its 20 business days from there on. Seems like they are taking 2 weeks to send AOR email and then 1 month from there on.
  12. You'll probably get the AOR tomorrow. It says 9 business days. But I got my eECA before 20 business days on email
  13. Great. Hoping to get it soon.

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