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IQAS ECA Assessment

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ok3, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Has anyone used IQAS (not ICAS please) for ECA?
    Is their processing time really around 10 working days?
  2. I did with IQAS and they are really fast. Around 15 - 20 working days after receiving all the documents.
  3. Yes IQAS is really fast... and they cost little bit lower compared to WES..

    Just few things which you dont get from IQAS
    - online degree equivalency
    - soft copy of your ECA report
    - online account for your file to check status of your ECA
  4. Many thanos Rahul and Munjal. Your replies have been helpful.
  5. #
    In their website they say that once all documents are received they send an email. Is that so?
  6. Hi,

    I am trying to get my masters degree evaluated by IQAS. Do we need to send them the bachelors degree transcripts also for them to evaluate the masters degree?

    Section B of the checklist which is mandatory to be sent with the application form to IQAS is little confusing :

    It says "Secondary school academic documents included: (if you wish to have only your post-secondary education assessed, secondary school documents are not required)" - which I understand is if we want to get bachelors/masters degree evaluated, we don't need to send secondary school documents(which is 12th grade?).

    Also "Post-Secondary academic documents included:" has fields for photocopy of degree/diploma, photocopy of transcripts, transcripts issued by fields printed twice. Would that be for people who would be getting their masters and bachelors evaluated together in one application, to use one set of fields for each degree?

    Please advise.

  7. Your masters degree can be evaluated on its own however, it is advisable to have both done so that you can claim the maximum points under transferable skills.
    I had both evaluated together. You pay per application (masters + bachelors) rather than per degree evaluated.
    Yes, you would like separate sections and fields for each credential you wish to have evaluated. You need to send photocopies of your transcripts and certificates along with your application form and photocopy of your passport bio page and ask your HE institutions to send originals or certified copies to IQAS directly.
  8. please has anyone assessed a Law or pharmacy degree with IQAS?
  9. Dear Friends,
    I am willing to apply my education certificates assessment under IQAS, but I have some confusions. I will appreciate if you could be able to remove my confusions.
    1- IQAS says that my institution should directly send the documents for assessment. Means I first apply for duplicate copies of my certificates from my university and then tell my university to forward these duplicates to IQAS?

    2-I have original documents with me, so is it possible that I first make copy of these originals and ask my university to attest them and once attested I will ask my university to forward them to IQAS?

    3- Is it possible that instead of my university send them how about the Higher Education Commission send them. Will it be acceptable by them

    I humbly seek such info.

  10. Hi Ayyub, I'm currently evaluating my law degree with IQAS(my second ECA actually, WES messed up d 1st one :mad: ). I don't know what the educational system is like in your country but I'll try to answer ur questions.
    The answer to Q1w is Yes
    Q2: I scanned my docs, forms, certificates and Int'l passport and sent to my school and they sent it to IQAS(did same for WES). I do not know abt attestation, I just did it that way to save up on courier costs.
    Q3: sorry I can't help u with that :'(
  11. Take photocopies and ask your concerned university official (registrar or controller of examinations) to attest them with signature and university seal. Insert the documents in an envelope, seal the open end and get the university seal stamped across the area where the open end is sealed. Send it to IQAS along with their application. Either the university or you can send them to IQAS.
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  12. Thanks a lot for such guidence, I now got the picture that I need the photocopies of my
    1- BE Electronics Engineering
    3-Intermediate(No need I guess)
    and send these photocopies to my university and tell them to attest,seal and gave them back to me so that I can directly send to IQAS by myself to expedite the matter.

    Am I right guyz?
    Again Bundle of thanks.

  13. Your understanding is almost correct. I would like to stress you some points. Since you have two degrees I assume they are from different universities. In that case they need to be in separate envelopes. Attestation of documents is not enough. It has to be enclosed in an envelope and has to be sealed at the open end with university official stamp. Send it to IQAS with other required documents using a courier that provides online tracking. No need for your intermediate documents. No need for passport attestation by university.
  14. i got my IQAS ECA by courier yesterday, not only was my credential assessed correctly, it took IQAS 7business days to complete my evaluation and it got to me 4days after. im so impressed and will recommend IQAS anyday anytime ;D 8)

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