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Investor immigration to Quebec (applied 2016) waiting for interview

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by ash1969, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. As a goodwill gesture the govt can allow the CSQ holders under QIIP to settle it Quebec - buy property - start business - avail the benefit of free education etc etc till the time their PR is issued
    If Pr is refused or otherwise the govt can claim back the perks granted / availed by the family
    These are fair terms - as the govt also has / is using the invested funds of the QIIP applicant
    Hope someone takes this forward
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  2. Point 2 makes a lot of sense . It will bring lot of relief to the applicants waiting for PR after CSQ
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  3. sorry , auto spelling mistake not CAQ but CSQ.
  4. Hello everyone,
    Any update ? Please share
  5. Hi CHNAK no update for me .
  6. Yes can’t understand why it’s late. When was assessment done that time lawyer told it’s only two years but nothing.
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  7. Hello, can we buy some business and start business ?

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