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Intra Company transfer to Canada PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by MKRaju, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. Currently residing USA. My employer is willing to apply for Canadian Visa [Intra Company transfer]. Could someone share the details on
    1) how i can get converted to PR in
    2) What is the wait time
    3) Any complications that may arise.
  2. Thanks for your reply mpsqra...

    Apologies if any the below questions seem stupid. I'm brand new to this application process.

    Could you please shed some light on the below.

    1) Will an Intra Company Transfer employee eligible to apply PR through express entry [which i believe we can apply by ourselves]
    2) if yes, under which category the application falls -[Federal Skilled Worker Program or Canadian Experience Class
    3) And if possible can you share your knowledge on the difference between the above 2.
    4) Apart from express entry is there any other way to get in.

    Thanks in advance. Thank you.
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  3. You really need to research the programs a lot more - the questions you're asking are extremely basic. The CEC program requires at least one year of full time work experience in Canada. The FSW/EE program does not.

    Again, you really need to dedicate more time to researching Canada's immigration programs in detail if you are serious about immigrating. If you don't have time to do this research yourself, you should hire an immigration lawyer to assist you.
  4. Information on all of Canada's immigration programs are here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html
  5. Thanks scylla and rob for your response.

    @scylla, i agree that my questions are very basic as i said i'm very new to this. Trying to grab a much as i can and thanks for helping out.
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    I can tell you a bit of my scenario. I came to Canada from the USA based on an intra company transfer under NAFTA senior manager category. I am still under this category. Now I was qualified to enter the EE pool but my CRS points was no way sufficient for me to be invited in the short term to apply for PR under the EE-FSW category directly. My score was less than 400 and the invitation to PR was going to those having a score of well north of 400 points. I can get to this score range but I needed to gain at least 1 year Canadian work experience and even at this point nothing was guaranteed since the laws can change at any time for better or for worse. Therefore, I was looking for a way to apply within the short term (in the next 2-3 months).

    My employer branch is in BC so I started looking into the PNP category. Based on my calculation of BC points I knew that I would receive an ITA from BC but was not sure of securing the nomination based on personal situation and wording in BC guide. My BC score was over 130 so I was guaranteed a BC ITA in the next round. This nomination would secure me another 600 points and would basically guarantee an ITA from the EE-PNP draw. So I proceeded down this path.

    I indicated my intent to BC that I would like to apply under the EEBC-SW stream. From indicating my intent to BC ITA to BC application to nomination took me about 4 weeks. So now I had secured 600 additional points which brought my EE CRS points to just below 1,000. Based on previous drawings, I felt very confident that I would receive an ITA and I did in the next drawing. Fast forward to today and I have submitted my application for PR under the EE PNP category. From all reading the EE PNP takes a little longer than applying directly however I would have not been able to secure an ITA directly immediately.

    Bottom line is you need to research more and see which programs you quality for. In my case, I have submitted my PR application 4 months after being issues the intra company work permit. CIC website says that the processing time for most applications in this category is less than 6 months. Now it can take longer but I'm hoping that it takes less than 6 months. Assuming that the CIC part takes 6 months then I would have converted my intra company work permit to PR in 10 months but this is still ongoing (just to give you my possible timeline - everybody case is different so timeline will vary). If you can then you should apply on the EE route as it's normally takes less time than the paper route.

    Good luck.
  7. Thanks Mike for the detailed info.

    To be short, getting PR through EE SW stream without 1 year of Canadian experience seems difficult. Is this understanding correct..??
    In your case as you had PNP nomination, you were able to get through and congrats for that.

    Once again thanks for the info.
  8. No, that is not necessarily correct as it depends on the situation. You don’t need an employer and or Canadian experience (but it helps) to apply if you meet all of the necessary requirements. I would suggest that you take the questioniare on CIC website for “See if you can apply.” It maybe that you can apply directly through EE. Everyone situation is different so you have to look at your situation and the options to see the best way forward if you intend to immigrate to Canada. I would advise you to see if you can apply directly and if can then use that route as I believe that route to PR is a little faster. If not, then look to the PNP route for the location where your employer is if your employer is willing to sponsor you. If you go with an intra company WP and your employer agree to sponsor you then you don’t need an LMIA which is an extra step saved.
    Over it’s not hard if you meet the requirements. Good luck.
  9. thanks Mike it was a great detailed response - I did some research on this.

    Am sitting at 439 in the EE pool
    BC EE seems like a good option - i went thru their program guide and for that, youre right, 1 year experience in BC is not required but a job offer is mandatory as it seems from there. So a viable option is to get intra company transfer (my case) - as my company operates in Canada and also in my current country of residence. and once im in Canada i can start applying for the BC EE since ill have the job offer and location of work which BC EE guys look into apart from language etc.

    does the above seem in line with your experience? i am a bit confused when you said "you dont need an employer and or Canadian experience (but it helps)" - from the program docs of BC EE you do need at least a job offer (but no experience is ok) - is it correct? thanks for your opinion!
  10. I didn't see this post. My statement of "you don't need an employer and or Canadian experience (but it helps)" is referring to application made directly to the FSW program and not through the PNP program.

    In regards to the other aspects, I cannot remember all of the rules as I researched when I was applying. However, make sure that your employer in BC meets all of the criteria as there are a few specific requirements that's employer specific. Also, if you're doing an intracompany transfer then you should obtain a employer specific WP (I believe that this is a requirement as well but check the rules).

    Good luck.
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  11. Hi @MKRaju , did u process intra company transfer application and how long it took. My employer is ready to process application, so wondriwon time frame.
  12. Hi Raju,

    My employer also filed my ICT petition recently. I wanted to check how did your process went? Did you got approval? How much time it took? Could you please advise?

    Thank you.
  13. Hi Rashpal,

    My employer also filed my ICT petition recently. I wanted to check how did your process went? Did you got approval? How much time it took? Could you please advise?

    Thank you.
  14. When we say company filed ICT , what does this include ? Do they need to file for ICT or just provide an offer letter and you can enter EE profile?

    Is the Work Permit required ? is it required to work in Canada with WP and then apply?


    One can just take an offer letter ( from current employer in Country 1 and same employer has office in Canada) and then apply in EE ( assuming a job offer and mentioning that as ICT - LMIA exempt ) ??

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