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Interim pathway processing


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Jun 22, 2019
hello, good day,, ive been submit my application for interim pathway april 2019, But i completed my requirements june 12, bcoz my ECA i just receive it june 11 so i submit it the following day { june 12 } ive been here in canada january, 2017. my working visa will expire this november, 2019, the interim pathway require 1 year of experience, so im qualified and pass all the requirement, my application is for permanent residence and open permit, my question is? Well they approve my open permit first b4 my working visa expire? How long to wait for approval of open permit? Other question, im 8 months pregnant my due date is on august, can i file for EI maternity leave and leave my employer bcoz they will give me ROE, im going to file for maternity this 1st week of august, Does my application for open permit and permanent residence affect my application for EI maternity? Thanks for all reply, i just worried bcoz Theres nothing yet responce for application for PR and open permit? Thanks you, godbless
Did u got any email after AOR??


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Jun 25, 2019
Hi there.. just recieved my ECA certificate and I already submitted my application under Interim.. do I need to submit and attached with a letter to the immigration or do I need to wait a request letter from them? Thank you in advance for the advice. God bless