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Interested in moving to Canada from the UK working in power distribution


Dec 20, 2018
I am currently 26 years old and have been working for one of the big electricity distribution companies in the UK (SSE) for over a year in a trainee engineer position. My training will end in 2 years time and I will be authorised to work on up to 11kV and 33kV networks in switching, back feeding, fault finding, etc. I will then be working for the company for an additional 2 years after my training ends at which point, I will be at an SAP level as a team manager.

I am looking to move to Canada once I have built up enough transferable skills and experience, at this point, I will be 29-31 years old (I have heard that this can be an issue as Canada prefers 20-30).

Admittedly, I haven't investigated the immigration procedure or even the possibilities of finding work in the Electricity utilities and DNO field as a Brit, especially as I have been trained up on the British network and not with the Canadian standards and conventions.

I should probably note as well for part of the trainee engineer programme at SSE I have studied for a Foundation degree at an IET accredited University (Birmingham University), the degree is a Level 5 in the framework for higher education qualifications, below a bachelor's degree at level 6. (I was wondering if this is recognised in Canada or not or would I have to spend a year outside of work to top up to a bachelor’s degree)

Could anybody shed any light on their experiences or even have some advice/information it would really be appreciated.


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May 24, 2016
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