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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Deh_avilla, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. So landing interview was pretty simple . They just asked me simple questions , like “ do you have any dependents “ and “ have you committed any crimes “ . And some questions about my last entry to Canada . And that’s it .
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  2. Hello,
    I applied in August 2018. So far I have not got any updates and my background check says they are processing from May 5th already. Is this normal?
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  3. Same here
  4. Hello all, i got AIP in April. and received a request for two tables in May.
    now, they are still processing my background check. Is any one know how long this will take?
    My online-service account has nothing about my background check, such as the start date.
  5. It seems that a lot of August apps are delayed so I wouldn’t be too worried. Where are you located? Some local offices are slower than others.
    Have you check your status on ECAS?


    Try enter your UCI, date of birth and country of birth and see what the next screen say. Does it say « in progress » or « decision made »?
  6. You submitted the docs via the web form? Does it say that they have received it?
  7. I check this website everyday. It says in progess.
  8. using webform. I did receive a email said they have received and also called them, also be told that the materials has been delivered to local office(Etobicoke)
  9. Then You are all good, it’s painful but there is nothing else to do but wait. Good thing is that typically Etobicoke is pretty fast once it starts moving, I have seen people get AIP, DM and interview letter within a few days.
  10. I applied in July 27th . They received application on August 2th , 2018 . On March 30th my husband received Sponsor approval . In July I received applicant approval , then landing interview.
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  11. so worried. I got AIP in April, 3 months past
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  12. I got AIP May 17, decision made June 28, and I’m now waiting for landing interview.
    Things will unlock, it will be soon.

    If you got AIP it’s really good, most likely your background check is fine.

    Im August 1st applicant and there are 15 more days to August, so much can happen in 2 weeks, keep it up!
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  13. What if IRCC has to issue the DM letter before they let the Hamilton office know?
    Maybe the delay isn't from Hamilton office?
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  14. I have the account and it says 《in process》. It's been already 2.5 months since the background check started and I haven't received approval yet but it looks like other people already have that.
  15. It’s from the local office. When I called last week the agent said that everything looks good and that I will be contacted with the instructions by Hamilton office and that I had to wait.
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