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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Love_Young, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Congratulations Cdarroch!!! The chat should be looking good by now! :)
  2. I used my Client ID as they use the same one wether it be for work permit or PR. What date did you send it in? Allow a week for it to get there and then 2-3 months for them to start processing your application. If it has been longer than that or is about 2 months then I would call and speak to someone. :)
  3. Hi everyone, I'm sorry if this has already been covered here but there's just too much stuff to read through ....

    I'm getting my application together to send either Monday or Tuesday, and I want to apply for an open work permit at the same time. Is this form IMM1249E ???

    And I can send it at the same time as my PR application, just in the same package? Any info on this from someone who's done it, like how long it takes to get the work permit, how long it is valid for, etc.? Thank you!
  4. Hello tifanjo and welcome to the thread! :) Hopefully we can help you some.

    Well here is the link to the forms you need to complete and yes it is the IMM 1249 form.
    You will mark C for "initial work permit". Be sure to include the document checklist, receipt for fees, sign it, date it and include all the the documents it ask for on the checklist. If you don't have a representative then you do not need to include that form and also if you are not in a common law relationship, you do not need to include the statutory declaration form. However as stated be sure to include the document checklist and documents on the checklist with it.

    You can write on top of the forms "Do Not Process Until Approval In Principle". It will keep your status valid until a decision is made on AIP. Since AIP is currently taking about 9 months to get after they receive your application, this is how long it will take to receive the work permit. You will not receive it before then or until they approve you for AIP which like I said is 9 months from the day they receive your application. Also, get tracking on your application with a courier service because they will not mail you anything letting you know they received your application. You will not be able to know whether they received your app until they begin processing it which usually isn't until 2 and half months to 3 months after they receive your application.

    And yes, include the OWP with the PR application in the same envelope. Be sure to mail and make sure it is received before your current status expires. If you do so, your status will remain valid for the duration of the time and you will not have to continue extending your stay. When they approve you for AIP (meaning they deemed your relationship genuine and your sponsor is an eligible sponsor) after 9 months you will receive a couple of letters and with the letter will be your OWP. The OWP from what I hear are normally valid for 1 year. This will give you plenty of valid status until they finalize your PR app which can be upto another 9 months after receiving AIP and OWP. They will contact you when it is finished.

    Please let us know if anything is confusing or if you have anymore questions. We will do our best to help you. Also good luck on your application! [​IMG]
  5. "Hero member", indeed! Thank you Love_Young, that is all really detailed and specific info - very helpful!

    It is a common law partner sponsorship, so we will have to include a statutory declaration as well. I was thinking I'd do one for the PR app in any case, even though it's not required, particularly because we haven't had a commitment ceremony.
  6. Aww way too kind. I wouldn't call myself a hero by no means but glad you think so. Just trying to help people the best I can within my abilities.

    Well having the statutory declaration is a good thing to have on hand anyway. We used it last year to apply as common law to CRA. Worked well and then we used it to help get me an extension. Seemed to work well then as well. If nothing else, you could frame one and keep up as almost a certificate since you aren't married. Just a thought.

    Please make yourself at home at this forum and this thread. Nice to meet new members. Anytime you want to talk, we are open or at least I am. Good luck again. :)
  7. That's the thing. The might have received it last week September/first week October, so it's possible the envelope is still unopened. I'll keep trying and hoping!

    Immigration Québec has nothing to do with CIC, so that will not work... :(

    New thing (again ;-)): I read some stories here that under Implied the SIN/NAS would only be good for 8 weeks. Just got of the phone with Services Canada and it should be good for the whole implied status. Only with the new work permit you can get a new one/extend the temporary one. Can I now assume she spoke the truth?
  8. Well today i stepped out of the house abit like for 15 mins and when i came back i found a notice on my door that i have a parcel. doesnt say from where but its got my maiden name on it and the only people who would send me a parcel with my maiden name is a gvt office. Im thinking.. could it be my FOSS notes?? Ive sat here and thought and thought and raked my brain and thats the only people i could think of that could send me something under my maiden name as nobody even knows it!. all my credit cards are under my marriage name and only my passport, police certs etc would be under my maiden name..
    For anyone who has received FOSS notes did the send it by xpresspost?... any thoughts??
  9. I can verify that when you get your OWP and you were already on a work permit (implied status if permit expired) then they just re-new your same number (starts with a 9) and there is no charge. I was literally there for 5-10 min. I went up to the counter and the guy helped me then and there, just had one form where I had to fill in my address and parents names and they give tyou a receipt and mail you out a new card adn you are good to go. Your SIN is valid the whole time you are on implied status as you can keep working so hence SIN is still valid. When you get PR though you have to change your SIN number though :)
  10. BB-I have not had FOSS notes but it sure sounds like it may be them! :)
  11. Hey I am kinda new here, I have a question. I am sponsoring my wife. She applied for PR here in Canada so i guess its considered as an inbound application.Lots of people are telling me that she has to leave the country as soon as we get sponsorship approval is that true. She always been under legal status here in Canada ( been extending visitor visa) so whats the deal?
  12. FOSS notes doesn't come through XPRESSPOST.... Government sent stuff through regular mail.
  13. I think you are getting incorrect info. It is definitely the opposite. It is advised that you NOT leave the country while an inland application is in progress. As you are already doing, just try to make sure she maintains her legal status.
  14. copy and pasted from the INLANDERS thread...

    I'm SO stoaked!! My husband finally got AIP and they sent his OWP on the November 19th!!!!!

    We sent out application February 25th, which was received by Vergeville on March 1st, and started to be in progress May 18th... ECAS hasn't been updated since Oct 20th when we sent in requested additional information so my husband just thought to call today to see if they had any information... and he got this awesome news!! I'm so relieved that we finally reached this point.

    I thought I'd let you all know so you guys can judge the processing times a bit more accurately than what it says on the website.

    Good luck everyone!
  15. Congrats Nine3001!!! That's great news.

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