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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Love_Young, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Hi LoveYoung. Yeah it wouldn't be hard to go to Cape Breton from NewFoundland since there is a ferry boat from Newfie to Cape and vice versa. The ride usually takes 7 hours for good weather and also you could take a car with you there if you want to. My husband is from Nova Scotia, and we met in the small town of Antigonish, an hour and half from Cape Breton. His grandmother is a newfie and she is really awesome. My hubby really loves newfoundland,he lived there for a while too. If you go at the Cape, be sure to go to Cabot Trail and whale watching. :)
  2. Congratulations on your AIP.

    I can't really help w your concerns since it has Quebec processing involved, but I hope you get answers.
    Did you try calling CIC Call center?
  3. If it says processing is complete then I would hold off on the OWP for now. Now that depends on how long your local office will take to contact you though. I think you're just waiting for the landing interview now. Congrats!
  4. I checked my hubby's e-cas - also got updated! (was able to get his client id number from his citizenship application)

    We received your application to sponsor xxxx on May 10, 2010.

    We started processing your application on March 1, 2011.

    At least I know they're working on my application now! Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who got AIP and landing interviews!!! :)
  5. congrats! sounds like u need to wait only for the landing interview. though im not sure how is it done in Quebec. i agree with ur idea not to apply for OWP. waste of money.
  6. got a letter from CIC today asking for our marriage cert... so frustrating i already sent everything with the original application! oh well.. i sent it anyway just to speed things up... what a waste of time though :mad:
  7. That so frustrating, I hope it doesn't hold up your application too long.
  8. thanks TeresaLynn! i hope so too :)
  9. I believe Quebec has nothing to do with this at this stage, because it will be local CIC, so it will be essentially the same as anyone else, Quebec step was already done.

    Just a question for people who received their AIP and still waiting - did your AIP letter said ''application process has been completed and your local CIC office will contact you regarding your permanent residence status'' or you Asta, I know you received your AIP and soon after the landing interview - so did your AIP contain this sentence.

    Basically, I am trying to figure out if it is possible to determine, from the wording of the AIP, if second stage has been also completed or if the wording of AIP letter is generic and pretty much same for all.

    Your input is welcome
  10. in AIP letter it says: "It has been determined that u meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status............ However, a final decision will not be made untill remaining requirements....have been met."

    but in next letter when decision was made, it says: "We are pleased to advise u, that processing of ur application has been competed. The CIC in Etobicoke with contact u....."
  11. Well I received only one letter - which said more or less the combination of the two (except of course the passage talking about the remaining requirements) ''It has been determined that u meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status'' and "We are pleased to advise u, that processing of ur application has been competed. The CIC in Montreal with contact u....."

    Strange, but it looks like they skipped the AIP and decided straight away :eek:
  12. Here are some sites for newcomers



    Ottawa--very good and you can do language assesment here, also have other courses you can do and you can go when you have AIP and maybe before then as well.

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    You could try typing in Newcomers to Canada and then your town/province in google.

    Good luck everyone :)
  13. Or check a YMCA-YWCA in your area if there is one.....
  14. oh question for everyone - for those who were requested for additional info (not the client update history form), how long did it take before they attached it to your file? the deadline on my letter was 90 days... i'm hoping it's not 90 days :S
  15. its not the first time, it happens. ur case most likely was straight forward and u sent police clearance at once. so it was fast process.
    i didnt send police cert together with my app, so i had to send it later when they requested.

    anyways, u should celebrate hehe!

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