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Indian Singles : Planning to move Toronto from India

Discussion in 'Housing' started by sksaxena, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Guys,
    I am creating this thread for Bachelors from India, who plan to move to Canada (Ontario) on PR.

    As I recently got my PR and I am in India, I am badly confused on how to move from here without knowing anyone in Canada. I didn't find any platform where bachelors can connect and may be settle together. As the saying goes, two is always better than one.

    If any bachelor is planning to move to Toronto area from India, we can connect and plan together everything.

    Please reply if interested..

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  2. 8318871997 contact me
  3. when are you planning to travel?
  4. Hey guys, good that you are trying to meet people before moving. It was little hard for me to find accomodation (the one I liked). Toronto/Mississauga is really expensive, so make sure you have a place before landing here, at least airbnb. The rents were hard to digest even though I had a job in hand. PM me if you have any questions. It's not even a month since I moved here, so I will answer whatever I can.
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  5. Hello Srieekar,
    Very thoughtful of you to realize the odds faced by the new immigrants, my son will be landing Toranto in mid Nov, ,accomodation seems very difficult, do you have any idea about the following places where i found few for our budjet

    York Region Vaughan, Durham Pickering. Thanks in advance.
  6. When are you planning to move?
  7. If anyone interested to share starting from march let me know
  8. Hi Team,

    I am moving to Toronto by Dec s 2018 and looking for a shared accommodation near Downtown Toronto as I got a Job in DT.

    Kindly help me in getting some nice Condo to share.

    Please text me : 9884669103
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  9. I have little idea about the regions you mentioned Nirmala. Sorry.
  10. I am interested in this. Any decent person (male/female) wants to share in Toronto?
    I will land late November.
  11. I might from march
  12. HI
    I have received PR days ago and I'm not sure how to move without any contact there in Toronto, I need immediate accomodation and some guidance what to bring (documents/other stuff), but arranging accommodation is the biggest challenge I'm facing rite now.
  13. as I will be moving by the end of this month and looking for guidance and assistance in this regard.
  14. I just landed today and currently living in airbnbs till jan anyone interested greater Toronto area?
  15. They just ask for copr, passport and custom form which is provided on the flight. Do let me know if you want to share an accommodation.
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